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A video by me, Alexander Backman, It appears all the big names in the PseudoChristian ALTMEDIA circuit are all in on it. There is a very well organized circle of friends that go by THE WATCHMEN ON THE WALL who are nothing but frauds, scam artists and con men. Through FEAR and LIES, DOOM and GLOOM they entice a gullible and naive audience and rope them into their CULT and, for those in-the-know, they are admitted into their WITCH COVEN. They call themselves Christian but are not. They have been exposed by me and other journalists like Marinka Peschmann, whom they have threatened, as well as my person, if we do not stop exposing these charlatans and thieves. They need to be investigated by the authorities for possible criminal and fraudulent activity.

See all relevant links below. Law enforcement -FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS etc- as well as other bodies should be looking into this.

This is only a partial list:


Steve Quayle Exposed promoting False Messiah on his own Website!

quayle keshe lie

Full Page Spread


Keshe Warns of ‘MEGA QUAKE’ That Will Split Two Continents In Half!!
Video and False Claims by Keshe which Quayle promotes:

Transcript of Keshe’s Video that Steve Quayle promotes:

EVIDENCE Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, the man promoted by Steve Quayle, announces he is Messiah


Keshe Bio: http://www.keshefoundation.org/introduction/mehran-tavakoli-keshe/68-mehran-tavakoli-keshe-en

QUOTE “We expect earthquakes between 10 to 16 and in one occasion 20 to 24 Richter scale when the snapping happens. The position with this is that most of the Mexico and the Mexican Gulf will be hit with huge tsunamis.” – Dr. Keshe

Keshe Bio: http://www.keshefoundation.org/introduction/mehran-tavakoli-keshe/68-mehran-tavakoli-keshe-en


Pete Santilli: Have You Been Ripped Off By Steve Quayle? Many People Say They’ve Lost Thousands!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqdPtCbFBv4

Wayne Simmons CIA Usurper Arrested by FBI:
Feds Say Fox News’ Favorite CIA Source Is a Total Fraud

Woodlands man pleads guilty to posing as CIA agent

Jim Garrow should be arrested just like Wayne Simmons and Paul Alan White were just recently for usurping positions or saying the are or were CIA workers when they are not nor have ever been. The Evidence on Garrow is clear and can be found in this post I wrote:


WHO IS JIM GARROW? He is a frequent guest on Alex Jones, Dave Hodges and the Hagmanns

Learn the Dirty Details he does not want scrutinized here:



Douglas Hagmann issues ‘cryptic’ comment on his show and relays Steve Quayle’s petition, while on-air, requesting support or intentions to hire a retired Navy Seal Officer, Army Ranger or member of the Special Ops community to contact him over an urgent matter.

Related: Full link to the show in question:

The Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Rick Wiles Deception:

Steve Quayle Ignorantly Errs again and Accuses Mexican Journalist of Slander




Contact us: info@concienciaradio.com

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handhDouglas Hagmann issues ‘cryptic’ comment on his show and relays Steve Quayle’s petition, while on-air, requesting support or intentions to hire a retired Navy Seal Officer, Army Ranger or member of the Special Ops community to contact him over an urgent matter.

By Alexander Backman https://alexanderbackman.wordpress.com Feb 19, 2015.

Abstract: Time to shed some light once more on Douglas Hagmann and Steve Quayle. This article is long and worth the read if you have time. In it, I share the recent ‘cryptic’ threats and innuendos that these alternative media personalities have now spewed out over their over-rated online radio show. Also, Quayle’s solicitation of men for hire that would be willing to do some ‘wet work’ for him is a clear sign that he is taking bold steps to imply he is in danger or he wishes to harm me or other fellow journalists that have exposed their made-up lies and fabrications about events that never transpired.

In all seriousness, this is getting dangerous and it requires your utmost attention. If you are interested, then by all means, get a cup of Joe or Earl Grey and read on.

On the Friday the 13th, 2015 show of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report which airs daily from 8:00-11:00pm EST over BlogTalkradio.com, the host, Douglas Hagmann enunciates a series of very ‘cryptic’ comments indirectly referring to me, Mexican investigative journalist Alexander Backman, and possibly to fellow journalists Marinka Peschmann and/or Michael Erevna.

I believe the reason why I am being indirectly threatened is for my publishing information in support of Peschmann and Erevna with regard to the ongoing lies that these independent journalists have recently exposed about Douglas Hagmann being SWATTED whereby, in their defense, one Stephen Quayle, alias ‘Steve Quayle’, owner of Renaissance Precious Metals in Bozeman Montana, supported their claim of the events transpired only to get caught red-handed. The diligent process of tracing back and trying to verify their claims of this so-called SWATTING by Peschmann led to her TRUTH BOMB. The facts are clear, no such SWATTING ever took place. Therefore, Douglas Hagmann and Steve Quayle lied. And that very fact is what they are defending at all costs. Not by counterclaiming the argument itself but by using a very well-known tactic of diversion. They decided to post a lengthy and insidious article that they happily boasted about ont heir show titled ‘Setting the Record Straight: Joint Response Addressing the Character Assassinations Underway’.

As a follow up to Marinka’s report Michael Erevna posted an article titled, ‘Hagmann/Quayle: Mo’ Lies Mo’ Money’. In an article titled Hagmann/Quayle: Revenge of the Money Changers! and in response to the diversionary Hagmann/Quayle post, Erevna then dissects the insidious and backstabbing counterpost against him by correctly refuting its lies one-by-one. Please read it.

I left some comments in Erevna’s article that probably more than ‘triggered’ Quayle and he, along with Douglas Hagmann, decided to continue spinning their web of lies only to deceive the people even further. Only this time, they got tangled in a mess that is spinning out of control for them. They know this. That is why they have responded the way they have.

Half-truths are not truths at all. However, if you repeat them long enough and frequently enough, they become truths within the psyche of the people hearing them. It is a science almost, it worked for Stalin and Hitler and Kim Jong-Il, Pol Pot and countless others with great success.

Quayle routinely appears on the Hagmann and Hagmann Radio Show and is key in a larger Steering Committee of men and women who have used Christianity for profit and exploited it by injecting fear, doom and gloom to the listeners instead of hope, truth and faith. These groups or cult groups are called Fear-Based Ministries. They feed off the people that they have injected their fear into, just like that spider biting Frodo in Lord of the Rings and paralyzing him in fear, immobilizing him and not allowing him to operate or lead a normal life. That is what I call the FEARS SYSTEM. FEARS is an acronym for Fear-porn Alert Reporting System.

Considering the Bible says FEAR NOT 365 times, one for every day of the year mind you. No. These men do the opposite. Just like Alex Jones and the rest of them. They instill FEAR into people. This has been going on for years. It started when they got on Coast to Coast with Art bell back in the day. Even before that.

As a side-note. This Alternative ‘Christian’ show, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, is relayed also over the Christian United Broadcasting Service or CUBN for short in the United States.

Back to the story.

On February 18, 2015, I was contacted by a long-time listener of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report and victim who has woken up and been freed from their cobwebs of deceit. The worried party that emailed me—with a great sense of urgency I might add— warned me of what appears to be ‘cryptic’ threats to my person, Alexander Backman.

The worried party mentioned the following in one part of the email:

“More of Hag’s very thinly veiled threats or special mention.  He is like a Mafia thug.  This is meant to be intimidating to Mr. Backman or at least I would take it that way.”

I have been threatened many times before, over the phone, in person even, but never over the radio. You can read about some of them in the about section on my blog. I have nothing to hide.

Albeit I never listen to these manipulating, deceiving, narcissistically-driven men anymore, I had to give it a listen. What you will hear and read will astound you!

Right at the beginning of the show, at marker 00:01:55, Douglas Hagmann, father of Joe Hagmann, with whom he broadcasts the show, greets that ‘very special hello to a listener in Mexico and sends his ‘cryptic’ warning:

We have eyes on you sir.Douglas Hagmann

Here is the excerpt and transcript below. I typed out in ALL CAPS the places where Douglas Hagmann emphasizes or places more stress on CERTAIN KEY WORDS. This is one of his tells. Notice THAT when he speaks.

Click the Player to Listen to the excerpt.

Download MP3► http://alexanderbackman.com/threats/douglas_hagmann_cryptic_threat_listener_in_mexico_we_are_watching_you.mp3

Douglas Hagmann: “Welcome listeners from coast to coast and worldwide. This is the Hagmann and Hagmann Report for today. It’s Friday, February 13, 2015. I’m Doug Hagmann, cohost along with my son Joe Hagmann. Together, we are The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

Folks, we have a great program for you TONIGHT. A lot of KEY, CRITICAL INFORMATION.

We are going to be talking about what is propelling the headlines, what’s important to focus upon AND WHAT IS NOT. AND THERE IS A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT that is… that is saturating the news headlines. IT’S HIDING. IT’S REALLY (HECKLES) CRITICAL.

And.. uh… I gotta tell you. PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY TONIGHT. We gotta a lot of news.”

Wait, this is where it gets interesting. I am skipping to the point where he says it.

DOUGLAS HAGMANN: “We broadcast live each and every weekday from eight to eleven PM Eastern Time. You can find us on the Internet at HOMELANDSECURITY[.com]… [SPLICE]”

Here it is:

DOUGLAS HAGMANN: “The Hagmann and Hagmann Report dot com WANTS TO SAY A VEEERY SPEEECIAL HELLO, if you know what I mean, TO A LISTENER IN MÉXICO. [poignant and audible angry stress added to MÉXico].”

He then goes on to say the following:

DOUGLAS HAGMANN: “Uh… eh… We have eyes ON YOU sir.”

It is more than obvious in the way he says it, that he is referring to me after I published my comments on Michael Everno’s articles. Who else would he be bullying like that on his show that lives in Mexico?

Sorry Douglas, I decided to never listen to your show after your son kicked me out of the chat room for questioning your errantly-flawed ‘pre-rapture’ cult-like beliefs.


But thanks for considering me as one of your listeners. Subconsciously, it means you are thinking about me. It might even mean you are in fear or feel threatened. Why? Are you hiding something that you or your team do not want revealed or uncovered? You could always come clean and accept that you lied to your audience making false claims that THE GOVT is out to get you.

I wonder, after all your lies, all those DHS Informant claims true? After all, they never really happen either, did they?

Following the creepy and hecklish greeting to me, Hagmann then links his indirect and incisive comment to me and starts thanking a woman called ‘Deborah’ or ‘Deborah O’ who lives in Canada, thanking her for her very special collaboration with him on certain very pressing matters.

Have a listen here

Download MP3http://alexanderbackman.com/threats/douglas_hagmann_cryptic_comment_deborah_o_in_canada.mp3

Transcript of this Excerpt:

DOUGLAS HAGMANN: “Ah… uh… you know… I just want to say hello to Deborah O. I am not permitted to give any… her… ah… I do not have her permission you know but… she’s been such a God-send to us. Deborah, you know WHO you are. Thank you so much.

Here is where he says it.

DOUGLAS HAGMANN: You’ve really helped us out a lot with respect to WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

I know it sounds CRYPTIC but… uh… uh… from Canada.. THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH.

Why is this so ‘cryptic’? Crypto means to hide, conceal or encode, does it not? What is Douglas Hagmann hiding now that he needs to say on the air right after his creepy hecklish hyena-like greeting to ‘the listener in Mexico’?

Lastly, starting at 01:07:09 into the show—after the first break—Douglas Hagmann decides to relay another cryptic message. He is asking on behalf of Stephen Quayle, that any ‘Retired Navy Seal’, ‘Special Ops’ or ‘Army Ranger’ contact him. Hagmann, as we know, who has recently been scrutinized and exposed publicly for lying about being SWATTED is very repetitive but very adamant about Quayle’s ‘special requests’. That this former Government gun-for-hire be not affiliated with any government agency and as an additional requirement “seen action” or be “experienced”. Hagmann goes on to ask the potential candidates for the job to write to Steve for something special that they dare not announce over the air. What is that something special? Why so CRYPTO-TOP-SECRET all of a sudden? Is it maybe because they want to get rid of the people that are exposing their lies? There, I said it. After all, why issue such a petition on the air? What is Steve Quayle up to now? Is he hiring a hit man to take me out…to take Marinka Peschmann out… or to get rid of Michael Erevna?

Click Play to Listen to Excerpt►

Download MP3► http://alexanderbackman.com/threats/douglas_hagmann_cryptic_threat_steve_quayle_navy_seal_solictation_of_services_excerpt.mp3

Here is the Transcript of this request:

DOUGLASS HAGMANN:“Folks I do have an announcement of sorts.

When I was talking with Steve Quayle today, he asked me to mention this during the program… asked me to toss this out there.

If there are any retired special ops people, Navy Seals, anybody with experience in special operations who are not currently associated with the government… Have seen, or have a level of experience in special ops… Not a pencil pusher but actual boots on the ground experience….and have.. And have also.., and this is important… are also saved or have had a life changing transformation. If you are saved, genuinely saved by the blood of our savior…

Those are two requirements… three requirements.

Number one special ops… special operations or Navy seal type person, just retired not affiliated with any government or government agency.

Number two.. You have experience and…

Thirdly and perhaps even most importantly you have a relationship, an active relationship with, with our Lord and Savior .

If you meet those requirements and you…some have the ability and inclination to assist us in something we are not going to talk about over the air.

Please email Steve Quayle and in the subject line just put “Special Ops per H and H” “Special Ops per H and H”

Email it to Steve Quayle. Just go to stevequayle.com and just email it to him. You can find his email there.

Again we’re… Steve is looking for, specifically special ops or Navy Seal, Army Ranger or whatever… has seen action… no … has seen action, retired, not affiliated with the government… currently not affiliated with any government agency and is saved spiritually saved and follower of our Lord and Savior.   Please email Steve Quayle. In the subject line you just put “Special Ops or Former Special Ops per H and H”.

We really appreciate that thank you. Thank you very much. Where is… you know there is… thank you.   That is all I have to say to that.”

You have to admit. This is getting very strange indeed.

In counterintelligence one is trained in following and taking any threat seriously, even if 10% of the HUMINT (Human Intelligence) is real. In this case, the so-called ‘veiled threats’ are veiled and very ‘cryptic’ indeed. But anyone trained in the field of behavioral psychology can easily read between the lines and peer into the subconscious intentions of Douglas Hagman and Steve Quayle.

Although the latter was not on the air with ‘the Hags’ this time around, whenever he is, he is foul mouthed. I can only imagine him when he is not on the air with these ‘mafia thugs’ and ‘bullies!’

Really, it would not be bad to have a shrink have a listen to one of Quayle’s heavy-breathing rants that almost always berate, diminish and put down the audience with phrases like “What people fail to realize is…” or “Most of the people fail to understand that…” Almost like if he were the Overlord of the Airwaves.

Over the years, Quayle has become more and more aggressive in his stance, his tone and his forms of expression. You can clearly see this. In a regular show with ‘the Hags’, Quayle suddenly ‘flips’ back and forth from the I-know-it-all ‘you just sit down and shut up stupid’ mentality to a God-loving, Gospel-preaching man closing the show with a prayer. Almost unreal! While minutes before he just repeats the same demeaning and almost deafening psychobabble, he totally ‘flips’ from A to B.

The big question here is if- and this is a big if-, if Steve Quayle is of such a sound mind and is a champion for Jesus Christ and His Army in these End Times, why does he lie and cover for Douglas Hagmann, while at the same time he ‘unintendedly’ tries to swindle buyers of his gold and silver through his Precious Renaissance Metals company? Doesn’t he know what happens to ALL LIARS and THIEVES? It’s in Revelation 21:8.

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” —Revelation 21:8

Of course, there is always repentance, coming clean, accepting one’s unrighteous deeds, and having the precious Blood of Jesus at one’s disposal to cleanse away our sins. That, in itself, is a blessing beyond measure!

All I am doing is supporting and echoing Marinka Peschmann’s and Michael Erevna’s articles in exposing these individuals. It is all about exposing the LIES really. And how? By sharing the TRUTH. There is a saying, TRUTH BE TOLD. Well, it is being told. Right here and now.

I am following what Jesus Christ, my Commanding Officer asked me to do when he showed me His Bride infested with maggots. You can read it here in a post I did recently titled “VISION OF THE MAGGOT-INFESTED BRIDE”.

As Saint Agustine said:

The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.“—Saint Agustine

If they, Douglas Hagmann and Quayle had nothing to hide, they would have already come clean and just accepted that there was no SWATTING effectuated against Douglas Hagmann in the first place. Instead, Quayle said such an event did take place when there is no official record of there being one. There is evidence of this in Marinka Peschmann’s exposé. And the conclusion of the whole matter is that THEY LIED TO THE AUDIENCE. THEY LIED TO THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR OWN REASONS: to maintain their pristine credibility, a facade in itself, and increase their profit margin.

What is clear now is that their ‘credibility’ is totally shot and their ‘pristine’ condition has become rather stale. It is gone. They have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and the people have a right to know. What the public does with this information is up to them.

After all, the listeners of The Hagmanns always listen to their aggressive and horrid intro blasting into their minds the words, over and over again, “I WANT THE TRUTH” and with the words “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH’. Maybe it is THE HAGMANNS and QUAYLE that ‘can’t handle the Truth’ this time around.

All this, has become a media circus really. How these supposed men of Christ twist their lies and bizarre claims to hypnotize their audience into a three-hour vortex of mind-kontrol-like triggers and cryptic messages.

I am being told to take their threats seriously as these men do not toy round nor mince words. This worries me. Is Steve Quayle a dangerous man? Has he become a danger to society? Does the yet-to-be-confirmed fact that he had a Class 3 Federal Firearms License to bear and sell arms make him more dangerous? Does this License prove he worked for the Government? If so, doing what? Then again, maybe what makes him more dangerous is that he is willing to hire ex Navy Seals, Army Rangers or Spec Ops to carry out ‘special missions’ for him, or as so it is implied by the announcement he had Douglas Hagmann repeat on the mentioned episode.

What is also clear is the fact that this group of men have emboldened their stance in defense of their lies and are willing to take further steps to prevent that they are scrutinized more in depth. What is it they are hiding? Is there more to all of this than meets the eye?

True, the implied and ‘cryptic’ threats speak for themselves. They are, in themselves, dangerous and will only bury them more and more in the pit they have already ‘dug’ for themselves (pun intended). These threats are evidence and attest to the fact that they crossed a huge red line. To use a mass media outlet to communicate their intentions to possibly bring harm to Marinka Peschmann, Michael Erevna or myself, Alexander Backman, or at least imply it by wanting to hire former soldiers to conduct possible acts of violence is unheard of in ‘Christian’ radio. I ask you, is this normal behavior to you?

Also evident is that these men are conspiring with other parties and could be about to commit a crime. Who is this ‘Deborah’ in Canada? Why the solicitation of a former Spec Ops member? Soldiers know and are very well-trained to do one thing, KILL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS when they are told to. That is their job, their duty to follow orders and never question them. MERCs or mercenaries are different, they do not answer to anyone except they get the job done for the right price.

Is Steve Quayle and Douglas Hagmann conspiring to have someone killed? Either that or they are scared for what is being uncovered about them. I am told there is more. Much more.

Maybe these ‘veiled threats’ toward my person are just words. Maybe Steve is looking to hire a MERC as a bodyguard for him? Who knows really. Someone should ask him. His email, as Douglas stated, is on his site. For those that do not know it, it is steve777@stevequayle.com.

All I have to add is this in return to Douglass Hagmann and Steve Quayle:

‘We too, are watching you VERY CLOSELY.’

As a last note, from now on I am questioning everything that comes out of Steve Quayle Aaong with all the guys in their cult-like ‘Circle of Trust’, who really knows what these guys are anymore or what they are capable of. I bet there are some individuals out there that know a lot more about ‘their other deeds’ and are thinking about coming forward to keep exposing them along with their cohorts.

Dr. Elizabeth Mattke wrote to me from TRIBULATIONEWS.com. She wrote an article titled The Hagmanns’ Corrupt Behavior. Here is a brief quote on how they literally mind-control their audience:

  1. Stuttering- They do this to make you feel sorry for them.

  2. Overload of Information- They do this to confuse the masses.

  3. Repetition and Overemphasis of Words through Exaggeration and Lies.”

Then she advises about how the Hagmanns are dangerous:

“One former listener was so scared, that she put an electrical fence around her house because she thought her life was in danger from the Hagmanns. This is one of many listeners who have come out of their cult, who felt isolated and alone;”

This attests to the facts at hand. These red flags popping up all over the place say one thing: The Hagmann’s should not have a radio show and they are in fact a cult and Quayle is their leader.

All I ask of them, the affected parties, is to contact Marinka Peschamnn or Michael Erevna with their testimonies via their respective websites. It is time for the truth to come out. Wether we like it or not, this is about us THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, being made ready for the Great and Glorious Coming of Our Beloved, Bridegroom, King and Savior, Jesus Christ. †

That is all for now.


“The TRUTH War is a good fight.

So let’s wage good warfare-

For the Honor and Glory of

Our Lord, Our God, Our Savior,

Our One and Only Beloved,

Our Righteous King of kings,

Holy, Holy, Holy is He,
Jesus Christ.”


Full link to the Hagmann and Hagmann Show in question:

Full splice of files above:

Download MP3► http://alexanderbackman.com/threats/douglas_hagmann_cryptic_threat_steve_quayle_navy_seal_solictation_of_services_full.mp3

MUST WATCH► Pastor Eric Ludy, A Cult Leader’s Worst Nightmare

Eric Ludy – A Cult Leader’s Worst Nightmare from Ellerslie Mission Society on Vimeo.

This is a subject that most of us simply don’t want to face. But face it we must. For, if the saints lose their watchfulness and discernment, the enemy moves into the Church with speed and precision. This particular message is possibly one of the most important messages Eric Ludy has ever given. It took guts to give it and it will takes guts to listen to it. And may it be proven true that this message becomes a thorn in the side of every spiritual manipulator the world over.

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OP-ED ANALYSIS AND OPINION ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 2013 HERE► http://www.alexanderbackman.com/douglas_hagmann_promotes_islam_on_his_website.htm

UPDATE! THIS JUST IN! I blew up the logo that The Hagmanns use for their websites at HOMELANDSECURITY.us, the one of a GERMAN SHEPHERD and you will not beLIEve what is embedded in their logo? It blew me away while I was on the phone with Ken Charles.  At least three demons are inside this black and white low-quality logo. In fact, that is why it is in grayscale or high contrast, so the demons are transferred to the untrained and unprotected minds of people that see it every time they load there website. here is an animation to better illustrate. Very cunning indeed! That is how the Devil operates through his proxy minions.  There are at least two more entities in the image. Can you find them?


By Alexander Backman | http://www.alexanderbackman.com

PREFACE AND UPDATE► Feb 16, 2015- I decided to repost this article I wrote back in 2013 in relation to the recent and explosive exposés by Marinka Peschmann and Michael Erevna  on the fake “Christian” Alternative Media in the United States. namely, Satanically-inspired Mammon-driven money-changing outlets like Hagmann & Hagmann, Steve Quayle, V, The Guerilla Economist, just to name a few.

Make no mistake about it, the Prince of The Air controls Radiowaves, Microwaves and Power Lines.


These agents have not only lied to the American Christian public, they have manipulated them in order to obtain monetary profit or gain, while at the same time, behind the scenes, they are serving another purpose, even another master.

There is, for all intents and purposes, not a a Satanic anointing over these men, as some like Ken Charles have suggested to me, but a Spirit of Antichrist that has enveloped these men’s minds and souls without them even knowing it. It has gotten to the point that they do not even acknowledge their own mistakes and non-events when they spew their blatant LIES. Such repetitions and vociferous fallacies must come from one source: The Father of Lies, SATAN: operating within the assembly of God.

Sorry to burst your bubble everyone, but the Enemy Within has been infecting the bride for a long time. It has infiltrated her and has smudged her, violated her and done with her as he sees fit. Would you just let any man into your house, the House of God within you, and allow them to infect you so the spread of the dis-ease (fear and lies) takes over and ravages you from the inside?

There comes a time, when the infection has advanced so much, that it is obvious that The Bride is sick. Jesus showed me how to heal the Bride and have her ready for His Royal Wedding.


It is my duty, in humble and in servitude to my Maker and Master, Jesus Christ, to cleanse her of this infestation and stop these chicaneries dead in their tracks.  As Jesus showed me, IT IS TIME TO TO EMIT TRUTH! TRUTH, unadulterated and pristine TRUTH to cleanse away the sinful invasion and infestation of t The Bride of Jesus †.

At the End of the Road, it starts with each one of us to acknowledge our failures, our sins and our flaws in our hearts, ask for forgiveness, MAKE IT PUBLIC, and move on with the hope that Our King will continue to redeem us and allow us access into Eternity. Otherwise, as He warned me, He will have to amputate His Bride IN ORDER TO SAVE THE REMAINING.

Notice the image below that serves as evidence of THE HAGMANN’S kicking me out of their “prerapture” cult group.


Talking about cults. Do not miss this excellent sermon by Pastor Eric Ludy on exactly what Quayle and the Hagmann’s as many others that fit the bill represent: CULT LEADERS.

This Just IN! I was looking closely to the Hagmann & Hagmann logo and found embedded demons inside the ears and other parts. Look for yourself. You will find even the image of THE DEVIL himself!

Now, on the the article I posted. Mind you that this was published in 2013.

“A man without ethics is a wild beast
loosed upon this world.”— Albert Camus

CRN® APRIL 17 2013– Douglas Hagmann promotes Islam on his official website HOMELANDSECURITYUS.COM, or so it seems.

The image below was sent to me by a listener to the Hagmanns’ Radio Show. On the bottom left corner there is an advertisement that says ‘DO YOU KNOW ISLAM?’ And the invitation, ‘Would you like to be a Muslim?’ The ad includes a link to join in a private chat.

IMAGE: SNAPSHOT FROM HOMELANDSECURITYUS.COM Douglas Hagmann’s official website. AD on lower left corner promotes ISLAM.

The listener has informed me that this is not the first time this has happened. She already had brought this to Douglas Hagmann’s attention but apparently to no avail.

Albeit it is an advertisement from AD CHOICES and its content is based on keywords that appear on the target site and spider bots bring the relative content to the page, this does not excuse Hagmann from allowing these embedded services on the source code of his site. He put them there knowing that there are risks involved. For a site that is frequently read for its content where it exposes terrorism and other government-sponsored threats it is inadmissible that such advertising be allowed. It is evidence of how Hagmann does not care nor vets the services he promotes in exchange for profit.

It has also been brought to my attention many times before that the logo used by Hagmann belongs to a Government Agency. Is this another COINTELPRO Operation? Some accuse Alex Jones of the same thing. Curiously, Jones had Hagmann on his show just last Monday talking about the Boston terrorist Bombings.

Lastly, and as a sidenote, why is it that Hagmann’s supposed DHS whistleblower’s revelations never came true? Is Douglas Hagmann just a shill and playing us all in exchange for profit?

These are valid questions that deserve an answer. For now. I would stop visiting his site and never depend on his reporting from now on until he understands that this negligent behavior is abhorrent.

FINAL NOTE► Notice how I have been questioning their behavior since 2 years ago. This is nothing new. More people need to come forward and expose them for what they are! Please contact Michael Erevna and Marinka Peschmann with your written testimonies via their respective sites.

MARINKA PESCHMANN’S SITE►http://marinkapeschmann.com
MICHAEL EREVNA’S SITE► http://revelationnow.net/




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By Alexander Backman | http://www.alexanderbackman.com | http://www.concienciaradio.com

Scaring the Sheep is not Preparing the Sheep.

March 26 2013- Why is Steve Quayle promoting overpriced gifts and selling gold on international radio shows? Because, yes he can and he thrives from it! Learn the Truth in this explosive expose of how American Internet Christian Radio Hosts profit from believers in Christ

Yes he can! I am not interested in listening to this man anymore. As a reminder Mr. Quayle, most of the population cannot even afford to purchase your golden waffles as you so promote nor the items from Tom Horn’s online survival store.

This gives us an insight into the mind of one of the slickest tongues in the Christian movement. He self boasts he has more than 14 thousand footnotes. He claims that he is the foremost giant researcher out there. He claims that he is not foul-mouthed at all but at the same time is constantly insulting, as he almost always says, ‘the people that do not know.’

Last Monday, March 18th, on the Hagmann and Hagmann Radio Show, Quayle announced that he is raffling the second most expensive guitar in the world? Take a look at the Quayle $4,000 guitar here. Is this a representation of humbleness and meekness? If you want to listen to an excerpt of this, download it here. It includes the golden waffle credit card infomercial if you care to listen.


Quayle never mentions what occurs in Mexico. He has always showed and indirect form of apathy toward his Mexican neighbors. For example, Quayle forgot to mention the peeling of skin off the bodies of Mexican women after they are raped by the Zetas on the border with Texas. He also forgot to mention the forced deboning of human cadavers for a month as a form of recruitment for young boys, some as young as 10, as a measure of dehumanization and reconditioning into the Zeta army. He did mention the persecution of Christians around the world but not in Mexico when he read from the so-called ‘Brother Bob Vision’ that he had mentioned the previous week. This in itself tells us how poorly informed Quayle is as the armies of Satan keeping growing south of the border and have already infiltrated the United States.

As a side note, Quayle from Steve Quayle.com is an individual who does not understand ethics as a principle with fellow researchers such as myself. He posts the information he gets in his email inbox without reading it. Such a thing happened to me and affected a 6-month investigation into a seismic anomaly that is being kept secret by scientists in Ensenada, Baja California.

Steve Quayle went on and published a private email that I sent out to colleagues, including him, on this matter asking them to keep it confidential. He did not. Instead, he published it on his website. Since he redesigned his website, the link in question is no longer active.

After I exposed Quayle’s unethical practices, he emailed me and rebuked me and threw a Bible verse at me questioning my loyalty and integrity as a brother in Christ Jesus- that in itself is insulting enough-. I for one, am exposing these deceptions as the Lord Jesus leads me in hopes that all see the obvious, Steve Quayle could be just a promoter of himself and relies on his self-interests. Nothing more.

I for one, do not work for Satan Mr. Quayle as you have accused me of before. I for one do not have a reprobate mind and do not insult the listeners by asking them to take out there head from their asses—I am paraphrasing here— and have an exam. You insult the public. Is that Christian of you?

Keep promoting yourself and lose more listeners. You have been fear-mongering for years. I remember when you went out on Coast to Coast with George Noory in 2004, which you still do by the way, and said that terrorists had acquires nuclear suitcase bombs and that you expected them to go off soon. Nothing happened within the time frame. Your sources, never named, include a four-star General who provides you with Ultra Cosmic Top Secret information which violates the law if he did so. You live in Montana, one of the most DHS-FEMA-FBI targeted states in the US.

And what is next Mr. Quayle, buy more gold from your website? Buy more of your books? I for one, will not keep promoting nor supporting your work.

I no, I will not use a quote from scripture trying to bolster this email like you would. I will just refer other to other like-minded individuals that do not fall for your game anymore. Rather, I will exercise and continue to exercise my freedom of speech on the matter.

Taken from Steve Quayle- False Christian, http://eternian.wordpress.com/2010/04/08/steve-quayle-false-christian/

“Last night on Coast to Coast AM, hosted by John P. Wells, an anti-Christian carried by his deep voice, but mentally shallow, interviewed Steve Quayle. Steve this time was speaking at a lest frantic rate (I wonder why?) and also just happened to stick in that he is against bowing down to idols and worshiping them (I wonder what inspired him to bring that up?) and that he was very much against “organized religion”. The host, John, added the cliché comment that it turns more people away then brings people into it. John, clue: THAT WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES HAPPENS DUE TO THE WORLD BEING EVIL. Do you think evil people would want to join ORDER or remain in CHAOS, like you, Punnet, Noory, Art and your friend Steve Quayle? Steve was asked if he was a fundamentalist, and Steve didn’t answer directly at first, but later said that he was the “quintessential opposite of a fundamentalist” and that evangelic Christians didn’t preach the love of God (hypocrite). If Steve is the (pretentious word) opposite of a fundamentalist Christian, then Steve is fully against the fundamentals of fundamentalists:

1) Obedience to the Ten Commandments (with Sunday being a new and modified Sabbath) and the two greatest commandments (to love your neighbor as yourself and God with all your heart and mind)

2) Belief in the trinity (three spiritually joined persons linked in their living essence so that they are one being, called “God”, yet person each having their own mind, which perhaps could be said to be a part of and forming a super-mind, God’s)

3) Belief that Jesus physically suffered and died in the place of sinners and for all the sins of whomever he came to suffer and die for, and obeyed God perfectly in their place so that none of their sins would ever be counted against them permanently and so that God would accept them all as righteous.

4) Belief that Jesus was brought back to life a physical being and his body being converted to an immortal perfect body, spiritual, and brought into Heaven.

5) Belief that Jesus will one day return to rule the world forever.

6) Belief that the righteous (the ones Jesus saved) will live forever both in body and spirit, and that their bodies will also be changed like Christ’s was.

7) Belief that salvation is eternal, not temporary.

For Steve to be against all these, makes him an apostle of Satan, not God’s, and a futile one, since he teaches that salvation can be lost at any time with a “free will” wish. Steve is like a demon who makes himself appear to be an angel of light.”

Another quote from the same blog compares Steve Quayle with the typical Televangelist:

“While listening to this show, Steve, besides sounding like a classic “bullshitter”, reminded me of that false Christian, con pastor televangelist Robert Tilton. Steve’s babble is even like Tilton’s fake speaking-in-tongues routine.

Picture of Pastor Robert Tilton smelling imaginary bread.

‘Just imagine givin’ me all your money sweet flock.

Just visualize, then give. That’s right: God wants you to fork it

all over to me. Oh bibili babili babalah babiboh, rahdi tih tah TAH!’

Picture of Pastor Robert Tilton using his imagination.

‘I smells me some bread, n’ it smells like, muh muh muh muh munay.

Tithe to Tilton, and ur’ tithin’ to the Lord. 1-800-GIVE-2-GET-RICH

Have faith my friends, have faith. Mmm mmm mmm.”

Source: Steve Quayle, a Rambling False Christian, http://eternian.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/steve-quayle-rambling-false-christian/

Steve Quayle might be suffering from narcissism disorder as do many other radio hosts. He exaggerates the facts and makes them more explosive in order to sound more impressive and in this case ‘gun-ho’ for a lack of a better word.

A comment by Kathy Lundy is very worthy to be quoted from the latter source:

 “Greetings Knight,

Anyone who listens to Steve’s radio interviews, hear the same spin over about how he was almost taken out, on several different occasions I’m guessing by the black ops. Over and over in radio interviews you hear this like a broken record. Yet critical thinking tells me, if he was on some black ops hit list he would be DOA quite some time ago.

But the story doesn’t end here, now we have Steve’s wing men, Tom Horn, and Steve’s co-host Hawk on Strive to Survive chirping in and singing the same tune. Hawk by his own admission is diabetic, however whenever he is reportedly hospitalized it is in great detail the listeners are told some electric-magnetic kill beam has been used on him, and listeners are encouraged to pray and send donations in care of Steve.

Steve also has a PayPal account on his website in which his listeners are encouraged to donate their money for needy veterans, and single mothers. So when people report Steve is decent and caring, do they mean he is decent and caring with his “money” or the money that people have generously donated on his website?

All of Steve’s messages are “Fear Based” and when he uses the phrase “back channeled” information this should be a big red flag to the listening audience the reports he is peddling cannot be confirmed or denied by those hearing his rant.

Oh yes indeed Steve, and Hawk do give plenty of mixed messages, in their internet radio broadcasts, buy this, get that, and be sure to call Steve for all your Gold and Silver needs to use for barter purposes. And back it up with a few out of content scriptures to bolster their claims.

However Knight, you can be sure this verse has never been quoted on their shows. Zephaniah 1:18, neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’S wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.

Don’t get me wrong I know we are living in perilous times, and I think as responsible people we should prepare our households with basic necessities like food, and water etc., and if I have these items I don’t need gold, and silver. As a matter of fact why would anyone barter away something their family could eat or drink for a piece of metal?

I think people should be mindful to the fact that just as some of those not to Godly televangelists have used the Television to exploit their listeners, the internet has become a new breeding ground for a new kind of breed of not to Godly internet-evangelists.”

The Buck does not stop there, for Rick Wiles

Same thing goes for Rick Wiles of Trunews.com that is now expanding his operations because he needs to grow his news business into a multimedia empire like Alex Jones did with the listeners’ money. Wiles said because ‘the Lord told him to’. Who can grow in such a time of dire economic crisis? This excerpt by Rick Wiles from Monday March 25, 2013 says it all, in my opinion.

Download an edited excerpt of the Steve Quayle and Rick Wiles mash up that I edited so you hear what I mean: (This is the same file from above)



Others, think the same and speak not very highly of Mr. Wiles. This article exposes the same deception. It is titled ‘Claiming to Know the Mind of God – Rick Wiles and Trunews’ and it has this important thing to say:

“The people who run these internet ministries also have a great deal of financial expertise. They know that to keep a steady flow of donations coming in to their ministries they need to dangle the carrot to the listeners that their shows reveal the future. In all of history, nothing has held more sway over the emotions of man than the idea that some of us can know the future, and if we just listen to the right people, we too can acquire this knowledge. Careful listening to their programs is required, they say, as God unfolds this drama to them on a weekly basis. Their ministries are built in the thorny soil of human visions and dreams, and yet they portray themselves as staunch defenders of the faith and purveyors of wisdom to today’s Christians.

They understand what is written in 2Timothy 4:3:

    3  For the time is coming when people will not endure sound[a] teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.”

I strongly encourage you to read the entire article on the Rick Wiles Deception here:


‘Halel-u-Yah’ – Hail Satan

Also, I prepared another mash up of Rick Wiles and another Pentecostal Pretibulation Rapture promoter, government-contracted JOHN SEITZINGER , alias ‘John the Baptist’ from www.tribulation-now.org. He and almost all keep saying the satanic utterance ‘Halel-u-yah’. If one does his/her research one would know that it should be termed ‘Al El U Yah!’ and not Halel which stem from the Light as in the Light Bearer or Lucifer.

Here is the file which you can download and listen to of Wiles and SEITZINGER saying Haleluyah!



Are these men anointed? No! But the sheep are led astray.

It just so appears that Judgment has begun as these false men of Christ so boldly boast and it appears that they are the first ones that are at  risk of being cut off if they do not align with God’s true purpose here on Earth. They are the same as with all promoters of Jesus Christ that get in the spotlight, it just gets to them and it overwhelms them and they get caught up in the fame and the fortune.

The Chris Putnam Tom Horn Deception

Lastly, the Chris Putnam Tom Horn deception is one and the same.

Considered by many as illustrious men of God, Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, best-selling Christian authors of de duology of books titled ‘Petrus Romanus’ and ‘EXO VATICANA’, are focusing too much in occultism and fiction in their books.

I took on the task of reading and extrapolating these publications and have come to the inevitable conclusion that these two men are pushing a flawed and intertwined thesis in order to rack in millions as they deceive Christians around in the United States and the world.

With Douglas Hagmann and Steve Quayle as their avid promoters, these men are trying to make their books make sense and have them accepted as authorities in the field of eschatology when in fact, they are promoting and practicing an almost apologetic position of Catholicism.

I love to study eschatology but I would never write a book on the Vatican except to denounce it as the most evil criminal institution in the whole world. A place that is neither a sovereign state nor anything for that matter. It is a principality of evil and sexual LUST and perversion. So much so, that the Vatileaks scandals uncovered that there is even a Gay Lobby and homosexual orgies going on at the top levels in the Vatican.

Even Leo Zagami confirms that Josef Ratzinger’s homosexual partner is Josef Ratzniger’s personal assistant, or should I say secretary, German archbishop Georg Ganswein.

Where have we heard of swine before I ask? In the Bible when Jesus cast the legion of demons out of the body of a possessed man who then transferred themselves into a herd of swine that then committed suicide by jumping into a body of water.

Here is his gay lover’s webpage:


Also, mind you that Don Georg is also retiring as of Feb 28, 2013 and will live with his former Pope and lover in a monastery at the Vatican.

Here are links to the covers to PUTNAM and HORN’s Vatican, Jesuit-inspired and promoted duology, PETRUS ROMANUS and EXOVATICANA.



One can see Horn and PUTNAM, and then, PUTNAM & HORN, as they are named on the spines of their book covers, differently on both occasions. Why?

Is it me or is Chris Putnam a promoter of Catholicism in a way to apologetically serve as a conduit in the End Times? Also, does Putnam sound homosexual to anyone? I mean his voice? Maybe that is just the way he speaks and many will say that I am out of place inferring this. But it is not just me, many others are questioning PUTNAM as well. Albeit in private emails, they are.

I am sensing a deception here. Jesuits do not just open the doors to Vatican attackers and exposers, do they? Jesuits are known for not wanting bad publicity. Just look at the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations to see who the culprits are. Yup! You guessed it: The Vatican

Well, I research his name and although it is farfetched, it would not surprise me that he is gay.

“The lineage of the name Putnam begins with the Anglo-Saxon tribes in Britain. It is a result of when they lived in Puttenham, a place-name found in the counties of Hertsfordshire and Surrey. Both place-names have an identical etymology. They are derived from the Old English word ham, which means farm, and either the Old English personal name Putta, or the Old English word putta, which means hawk. The place-name taken as a whole means “farm belonging to Putta,” or “farm where there are hawks.”

Interesting that the word hawk is related to the last name as well.

Excuse me, does this sound logical, that the name HAM is mistakenly used in the stead of NAM?

Well, just by looking at it, the word NAM is where the word NAME comes from and PUT comes from, excuse my language, PUTTA. Well PUTA in Spanish is a very vulgar word from whore or prostitute. So, PUTNAM means the NAME of a WHORE. Which whore are you asking? The MOTHER of ALL WHORES, MYSTERY BABYLON!

PUTA comes from the Latin word PUTERE which is where words la PUTRE faction and PUTrid come from. As a synonym of PUTA we have LUPA which means wolf as in LOUPE as in a part of the Arabic-Latin compound word GUADALUPE. In Mexico and Latin America, the Virgin of GUADALUPE is venerated, enshrined and also the Vatican worships this effigy of the damned. The Virgin of GUADALUPE is nothing but ISIS-DIANA-CIRCE-SERAMIS sexual cult worship. The name Guadalupe means, GUADAL, river in Arabic, and LUPE, which means wolf. As in the disease LUPUS. Maybe in Italian even, PUTTANA is what vulgarly refers to a whore.

I finished reading the last chapter of PETRUS ROMANUS which summarizes the whole book.

I will save you the time.

Now I understand why PUTNAN and HORN where contacted by James Cameron’s criminal thugs to pay him for a multimillion dollar license to make a movie out of their Jesuit-promoted book. James Cameron is a 33rd Degree Mason and movie director of the Terminator movie series.

Following these trails, and as with all roads, leads us always back to the home of vipers, serpents and hidden frogs at the Lateran Church in Rome. It’s all about the money.

And Horn, well, it I s a Jewish name and the Horns, well we know who has them, don’t we?

Swords drawn! Stop lying and deceiving the world gentlemen and please stop spreading the fear while you thrive from you victims.

More to come… The LA Marzulli multi-thousand dollar deception. Stay Tuned!


Chris Ardern with James Lloyd TRUTH STREAM

In His Eternal Service,


Alexander Backman

©2013 All Rights Reserved to the author. CRN- Conciencia Radio Network®

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The days of compromising are over. You better get aligned. God is cleaning house.

Here is my response to a brother in Jesus after he asked me to retract my article about Rick Wiles from TRUNEWS.com

I have no quarrel with you nor Mr Wiles. I just felt led to point out these things that I consider of grave importance due to the great responsibility that Mr. Wiles has with TRUNEWS. I used to listen to him regularly and started to sense that there was something else behind what his ‘humble’ enterprise represents.  I will not discuss this further.

I will remove any mention of Mr., Wiles form the article if he would just recognize and say publicly that the word Hallelujah is incorrect and is not even in the Bible. I mean, is it ok to you to have someone say Hail Lucifer in Hebrew all the time? It is like saying Heil Hitler and be in Jerusalem. If Mr., Wiles would truly reevaluate his ant biblical slur and see that he is in error and repent before Jesus and come out on his show and promote Alleluia. Also, if he would stop promoting the Hebrew Roots heresy by interviewing Mark Blitz and other pastors that have infiltrated Christianity and taken it hostage… For what purpose? Money!

I see a sick Israel, an assembly that is lacerated and wounded. A bride that is dying and believe me… Jesus does not want His Bride in such a condition of division He is angry and sad at the same time to see these things happening. He shew me in a vision, an open-eyed vision on Nov 11 2011 an incredible thing. He shew me the condition of His church. In the vision, I was standing in an operating room. Jesus Christ was standing behind me. There on the metallic table was a woman. She was a bride to be. She was unconscious laying there on the operating bed in the OR and the doctors began to sheer her dress open from the bottom up. The proceeded to open the dress and the girdle. Then they grabbed a scalpel and began to make a y incision from her neck down her sternum and further down to her womb. They then opened her up like a book! It was a gruesome sight to behold.

Then the medical team grinded into the sternum with a circular saw. I cringed when I saw that. I would not turned around as Jesus asked me to watch this entire event to unfold. I respect Our Father in all He asks of me. How dare we question Him! Then the Doctors opened her ribcage up and to each side, like a book again! It was amazing to see. That is when Jesus wanted me to see and get closer. Watch now! He said! See now! This is what has happened to my bride. Tell them that I will come soon to salvage this. Tell them what you saw!

What I saw was something so horrible! I saw that the bride’s organs were infested with white larvae. These were maggots. I mean millions of them eating away at her! It was like a swarm of insects crawling inside her. She was infected and pus could be seen. The smell of the infection inside her was more than evident. I saw them then turn into flies. Jesus showed me that this is what is happening to His church, His assembly of saints. The church is infested with lies and false Christians.

Jesus told me that He is getting ready to amputate her limbs. That He does not want to do this but will have to if the current condition of His bride stays on the same course it has taken up to now. He showed me that He is willing to save His church from total annihilation and ordered me and showed me how to begin the cleansing process of His bride. He gave me a glass of water. This water was blessed indeed! The most beautiful water I have ever seen! It shone like nothing of this world! It was almost golden like in appearance. It shimmered and glittered. It was pristine and pure. I could only imagine its power! I mean, coming from the hand of Jesus. It had to be. Then he asked me to pour the water onto the open-body of His dying bride. The white maggots still swirled in an unending flesh-feeding frenzy as I began to pure the Glory Water. That is what I call it. The water began to kill off the infestation and the infection as I poured it over her entire insides. Then I heard Him say. Go and tell them!

That is all. All this happened to me in an open-eyed vision as I was walking and praying asking Him counsel about the condition of the church. As you might imagine, I returned after the walk around the block to speak before and audience of 1 thousand people from all denominations in Mexico City.  And I shared with them what had just happened to me. It shook them to the core. That is when I knew that Jesus had chosen me to begin this healing process.

The glass of Holy Water that will cure the church from the maggot infestation that has currently over-taken her is TRUTH. Pure and unadulterated TRUTH. To say things like they are. To point out who the wolves in sheep’s clothing are. All for the saints of God and to stop anyone who is trying to deceive them by exposing their lies!

Is Churchianity today filled with just maggots waiting to be transformed into flies? There have to be some good sheep left…

I hope that clears up why I have written some articles against my fellow brothers. It is TRUTH and even though it hurts… Guess what Daniel… it heals…

I do not want us to lose our friendship by any means. Please tell Mr. Wiles that I am sorry if I have offended him in anyway.

May the TRUTH replenish us all in Jesus’ Holy Name.

In His army,

Alexander Backman †

Time to clean up the Bride… the wedding is  close and the Bridegroom is coming!

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By Alexander Backman https://alexanderbackman.wordpress.com / http://concienciaradio.com

(CR NEWS-MEXICO) July 30, 2014—The picture below is not of a one-eyed happy face. The image below is a dire warning to us all!  If you are a Christian or a Nazarene,—a termed used my Muslims that refers to born-again Christians—in Syria and Iraq, make no mistake about it, the worse-than-Nazi covertly-funded Islamic caliphate known as ISIS is marking homes of Christians across the Levant. Just like the Nazis marked the homes of people to be taken to the extermination camps in Poland during World War Two, ISIS is an epitome of such events.

The image below is the character ن (n) which stands for Nasrānī (Christian).


This report by Ted and Walid Shoebat is clearly another confirmation of the times we are living in. It shows very rare footage of what ISIS is doing in Syria and Iraq.

ISIS just released a video showing what they claim are Iraq’s Army POWs captured by ISIS, driven away in truck loads and then shot them all dead. The video caption stated that there were 1,500 individuals. The video shows their end being shot at point blank in several horrific mass slaughters reminiscent to what we see during Nazi Germany. The young teens begged for their lives as they were made to curse Al-Maliki but to no avail while they were forced to chant “long live the Muslim nation”. Shoebat.com were the first to discover the video.”

The video is graphic and prophetically-driven. Mainly because Muslims believe that they are in The End Times just as we Christians do too. And we are!

According to Islamic prophecy, the final battle at Dabiq, a small town north of Aleppo in northern Syria, requires that the Romans (Christians) land in Syria to fight the Islamic Terrorist State (ISIS). In the GRAPHIC VIDEO that is translated by SHOEBAT.com, one of the few Christian organizations that is truly working to get persecuted Christians in these war-torn nations out of harm’s way, the voice sends a warning that we should all take head:


“After the men were executed and tossed in the river the voice goes to say,  ‘Here was the spark ignited in Iraq. It will arise Allah willing until they burn the armies of the cross in Dabiq’

It is worth to mention that ISIS just came out with its glossy End-Times Islamic magazine called DABIQ. What should surprise us is why Christians in the West are not protesting and vociferously speaking out against these evil regimes popping up all over the planet after Obama came into power n the US. From the Color Revolutions or Clinton-sponsored Arab Springs, to the new Al Qaeda multinational army now called ISIS—thanks to Benghazi—, we have our work ‘cut out’ for us, pun intended.

More on this Muslim End-Time scenario which involves the Return of Isa (Jesus Christ) to help them in the great battle against the Romans according to their distorted understanding and interpretation of ‘prophecy’ can be read here and here where Jack Smith explains it for us End-Times Saints.

Now with the borders left wide open, and ammunition being denied to US Customs and ICE personnel under the shadow of the Gestappo-like agency known as DHS, word-of-mouth and official sources now confirm that ISIS’ terrorists are crossing freely into the US via the Sonora-Arizona region and probably Baja California-California sector as well.

A sister in Christ, P, wrote to me on what she feels this sudden spur of illegal aliens being purposefully imported into the US through Obama-controlled Federal agencies. Here is what she said to me in an email today.


“My take on the illegal tsunami is that is a well-planned event to install yet another Fifth Column. I call it Obama’s Army. We the People (the 47%) are the targets.”

She is right on the money. The US is experiencing a Fifth Column attack as we speak. Many in fact. From Spetnaz operating on US soil and reported in multiple spots in the US to a little Russian girl spilling the beans on why and what her daddy is doing in the US, ‘He’s here to shoot Americans.’ As a confirmation, just recently, one of our correspondents in the border-torn region between Coahuila and Monterrey Mexico, that’s the Texas region for you Americans, reported seeing Russians in military uniform. They were even wearing hats with a red band on them. They were military. More on this story to come.

One thing is for sure, all things are mounting up! It is unraveling faster and faster. From rumors of a looming economic collapse of the Dollar which prophetically is provable mathematically just as Johnathan Cahn demonstrates in his excellent book The Harbinger and DVD The Isaiah 9:10 Effect. Cahn relates that the 29 of the month of Elul of the year 5775 of the Hebrew lunar calendar is a key date that has to do with the Shemitah, a 7-year cycle of economic cleansing. We are about to enter the third cycle. The first was in 2001, then on 2008 where the Dow lost exactly 7.777%. This video sums it up nicely. And as with all axiomatic, 100%, always -correct Bible prophecy, Jesus Christ seals all events under His command with His hand using sequences of not three, not four but up to 7 sevens. Proof of this is that 29 of Elul 5775 is the day when the US economy will default on 15 September, 2015, on the very day of a partial solar eclipse, just as Cahn shows. I for one believe this as true prophecy.



V The Guerilla Economist


Know these things before you go on believing the pseudo-Christian commie-fed agents like V the Guerrilla Economist when he says that a Four-Star General told him this or that about the US and its demise. V the Guerrilla Economist, who hides behind this mystic façade, ‘sounds like Benjamin Fulford’ as some say on the forums. When I visited his site Rogue Money, I noticed right-off-the-bat his two-headed masonic 33rd degree insignia. Russian Crest adorns his Rogue Money website. This is NOT a Christian symbol but a symbol of the Egyptian god MENDES: as in the Goat of Mendes. Read more on the double-headed Phoenix here. And how it ties into Russia rising in the world almost without any anticommunists (Christians) opposing him. Steve Quayle supports him. I wonder why? The Hagmans support him and have him continually on their show. I wonder why? Why support a man who does not give his name, hides his identity, and herald’s Lucifer on his website? Why?

V says the General told him that there is a plan to bring America down to its knees by 2017. Read the transcript here. What he says might be so, but still, is it credible INTEL?

The children and illegals that are crossing into the US en-masse, as Zack Taylor mentions in this excellent video, is a ruse to keep the citizens of the United States busy –while Alex Jones keeps blowing his 1776 bullhorn vowing for revenge against the ‘Globalists’ while he sells his Chiapas-made 1776 ‘American’ coffee— while the CIA-trained soldiers of Al-Qaeda keep entering for what will probably end up being a new era in transnational terrorism where simultaneous attacks are in their final stages to kill Americans and tourists in shopping malls and commercial centers like we say at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi Kenya on September 21 2013 where Islamic terrorists killed 67 innocent people. At least that is what we are being told.

What is to come is exactly as Reza Kahlili warned back in 2013 when I interviewed him right after the Boston Bombings, that Al-Qaeda is planning such attacks in the US. But others, piggy-back this INTEL and make it their own and suddenly get all the credit as the raid the alternative media outlets with their warnings.


I am talking about the Pink-pagoda man known as Jim Garrow—if that is his real name—who recently posted on his Facebook page of Kenya-style Al-Qaeda-inspired attacks that would happen this last week of July, 2014 in shopping malls across the USA. The question is, is this Dr. Jim Garrow credible and trustworthy? I mean, he appears on Alex Jones and other ALTMEDIA giants across the board.

After some digging with colleagues and fellow researchers as well as input from real sources in the INTELCOMM, Jim Garrow is not what he says he is. Jim Garrow is really a scam artist and liar.


His Pink Pagoda program of rescuing 24,000 girls in China has already been questioned (read here). He boasts that his protector in China is Communist President Hu Jintao. I found this interesting Anonymous comment from the link I am referring to. It says:


“Anonymous: I do have documents supporting much of Garrow’s story. For example, Garrow was professionally censored in 2002 (at that time he was a teacher in the Upper Canada School District) for “abusing students physically, sexually, verbally, psychologically or emotionally.” He was suspended and fined.”

In fact, the Ontario College of Teachers does have a sheet on the here where he was in fact disciplined but does not say why. Read here.

Another thing is that the Pink pagoda program is really a front of the Bethune Institute. Not very Christian at all by looking at the Red Dragon on their logo. Official site here. The state:

“Pink Pagoda is the charitable arm of the Bethune Institute. Its sole purpose is to save baby girl from infanticide in the Peoples Republic of China. Due to China’s one child policy, some parents in unfortunately choose to murder their baby girl to make way for a boy to carry on their name. It is in response to this failed policy that we formed Pink Pagoda. To date we have saved over 26 000 baby girls and for our efforts, were nominated for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. For more information on Pink Pagoda click here.

I found the book by Garrow at Amazon.com and the review comments are very interesting to say the least.


A five-minute search on any search engine will reveal that Garrow’s supposed Ph.D. in Divinity from the North Carolina College of Theology can be easily purchased for about $2700 dollars from a fake University running a diploma mill that supposedly is based in North Carolina but is actually in New Jersey. Once you cough up the money, they will gladly give you your Ph.D. or Doctorate Degree saving you 5 years at least of study and research for your thesis. Or should I say a “LIFE-EARNED DEGREE”. I quote their site:

For Life Earned Experience
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and the “Life-Earned Experience” Doctoral degrees offered by North Carolina College of Theology. NCCT looks forward to honoring God’s faithful servants with the degrees that so many truly deserve. North Carolina College of Theology is a Bible College. To receive “Life-Earned Experience Degrees,” you must meet the following requirements:”


  • Minimum of fifteen years of full-time ministry experience This experience serves as your educational background  information if you do not have a formal education

  • We Do Not SELL Degrees

Many pastors, missionaries, and church workers have earned their degrees and should have them. NCCT is accredited by Southern Accreditation Association of Christian Schools and Colleges; American Association of Theological Institutions; and American Accrediting Education Association of Christian Schools. I look forward to talking to you about your lifelong full-time service and your Doctoral degree.
Contact us today and allow us to help you receive your degree for your “Life-Earned” service… you deserve it!

All three accreditation organizations are listed as “unrecognized higher education accreditation organizations” on Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of…rganizations#S / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accredi…_International


Noteworthy is the fact that “IAC was caught in a sting operation by Missouri assistant attorney general Eric Vieth. They accredited an obvious diploma mill and were subsequently charged with fraud.[2] IAC was ordered to cease operation in the state of Missouri but reappeared in Beebe, accrediting the same institutions as previously…”

But wait! There is more. Why write a Doctoral thesis when you can be pardoned from such laborious and tedious work! The diploma mill that ‘Dr.’ John Garrow used even waives the obligation of you presenting your thesis before the board. Evidence of this can be found here. This exposé on Garrow by the Leaving Alex Jonestown blog sums in better detail than what I included herein.

Also, let me remind you that there have been convictions for this very crime. Here is one I found on a post here:

“Doctor” Irving Fryar Indicted

Irving Fryar, a long-time wide receiver for the University of Nebraska and the NFL, was indicted today for a mortgage scam he conducted with his mom.

“Doctor” Fryar received a doctorate from the North Carolina College of Theology, a fake school that claims fake accreditation. It sells doctorates for life experience (and cash). Fryar took his fake doctorate and opened up his own school–or so it was claimed. I can’t see any real evidence of the school (Burlington County College of Theology).

All of that activity didn’t get him into trouble–thanks, North Carolina! But scheming to obtain multiple mortgages on the same property is apparently against some silly law. Who knew? (Allegedly, the school is in New Jersey, but it isn’t. And it isn’t on the state’s list of religious schools.)

The guy played 17 seasons in the modern NFL. And he needs to steal from people who are absolutely not going to tolerate it? Wow.

Did you know there are laws against you saying you are CIA or FBI officer when you are not? You can go to jail for this. Evidence of this is found here. Who is protecting Garrow? What ‘special interests’ are behind him and does the ALTMEDIA know who they are inviting on their shows and giving free publicity to? Does highly respected journalist and acquaintance of mine Jim Corsi at World Net Daily know that Garrow is a scam artist? Probably not. But he still is endorsing Garrow and his book here. Here is a screenshot:


Why would Corsi, an expert in exposing fake certificates like the Executive in Chief’s, be endorsing this fallacy of a man like Garrow? Unless… he never wrote and Garrow copy-pasted from somewhere else in his grandiose delusions and used Corsi’s name instead! I mean. Corsi does have a Ph.D. too, but that one is legit, unlike Garrow’s.

Wait There is more. Garrow was a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, like if that were a title in itself! Lucky for Garrow that the Nobel Committee keeps the nominations private for at least 50 years, almost like Obama’s birth certificate!

Looks like we all have been, as the say in the Illuminati, ‘hoodwinked’ by a man who uses his wits and fake degrees to spread more lies or disinfo. I bet Garrow is more Communist than American, if he even is American. Hell! Maybe he is Canadian for all I know!

Welcome to the world of controlled-opposition and disinformation. We have the Russians to thank for that.

It is sad that the public believes and ‘toots the horn’ of Jim Garrow, who possesses a fake Ph.D. and who boasts being a former-intelligence officer without providing any proof nor credentials. His LINKED-IN profile is here. It is terrible to see Vietnam Vet John Moore, Dr. Dave Janda, Alex Jones who is definitely being indirectly ‘handled’ by the Russians as a controlled opposition force only fueling and spear-heading a Civil War in America, a war of provocation being ignited by the Communist back in Moscow. Many other alternative media broadcasters, radio hosts are supporting a man that is a fraud and soothsayer: a man who bought his Doctorate Degree for $ 2750 dollars from a non-existing University but at least we know he has a GED, right and some ministerial experience, right

Pure and simple. Jim Garrow is guilty of fraud and deception and should be exposed for what he is and you are being duped America.


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By Steve Quayle
Original link> http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=853

Proofread and reformatted for legibility by Alexander Backman
[Truly obnoxious when people do not know how to type well and DO EVERYTHING IN CAPS!!!]

PREFACE BY ALEXANDER BACKMAN> These caverns in the Gran Canyon extend well into northern Mexico. The caverns are interconnected and go through Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora and end in Baja California. In February of last year I interviewed residents in the rural arteas along the entire state who have seen all kinds of supernatural occurrences, anomalies and what not coming out from under the ground and also while exploring the ancient underground tunnel systems. Giants have been spotted walking on the mountain ridges. When spotted, they hide. It is more than clear that they do not want to be seen. They always walk in pairs,.

Two Mexican explorers decided to go into the tunnel systems in the Rumorosa mountain range West of Mexicali which extends underground all the way to Barstow California in the Mojave. Local native American tribes advised them to not go into the tunnels because it is easy to get confused while trying to get out. The said the paths change on their own. Some cite a dimensional abnormality under the ground when walking down there. A sort of moving labyrinth. While down there, the two men had an encounter with at least five Satyrs or hoofed-footed entities. They mentioned that they had a bull’s head instead of human. The torso was human and instead of feet, the entities had hooves. This scared them out of their minds.

I am currently exploring an old turquoise mine where nymphs and other entities have been reported coming out of the mountains in mid Baja California. Giant remains have been unearthed, the hoof-footers walk openly at night on the riverbeds and black triangular craft have been seen coming out of the mountainside. Not even the Drug-lords go near there after an experience  that literally scared the-you-know-what out of them. It is my contention that the increase in volcanic and seismic activity is opening the chambers and recesses under the ground allowing these creatures and abominations to be set frtee upon the earth. Just recently I was briefed that under Dulce there are thousands of these types of entities gathering for some sort of move on the surface of the Earth. The WIPP incidenct in new Mexico is part of possibly another Dulce War event like the one Paul Schneider was involved with in the 70s.


By Steve Quayle…

As most of you know I have spent my life as a researcher and writer of ancient artifacts, antiquity, fallen angels, spiritual warfare and the end times. The true history of the world, ancient giants, civilizations and technology, which has been kept secret by the real powers behind the scenes and their fallen angel masters. This information, is being released at the ultimate point of deception, where we are now. The antichrist the entity versus the spirit of antichrist, is the power that is already manifesting itself on the world stage .with over 20 plus years of talk radio under my belt t and having been privileged to have had amazing people brought across my path, by the mercy of god, who he has used to show me many truths of giants, fallen angels, demons and antiquity’s secret technology and civilizations. Throughout the past week in the early morning hours I have felt impressed to accelerate and release what I know and show you the relevance of antiquity, and how it will affect you and your families. The bible states that there is no fear in love and god doesn’t want his children taken by surprise or overwhelmed by fear or by the very events that will cause men’s hearts to fail them for looking after those things coming upon the earth. Many of you have written asking if this is Mormonism -absolutely not–just because someone incorporates artifacts and or the writings of “Solomon Spalding’s manuscript’s” into their beliefs, doesn’t negate the underlying facts of history nor validate their beliefs. The Egyptian and ancient presence of Phoenicians, Libyans Chinese and, Hebrews in America thousands of years before Columbus is a known fact, yet denied by those in academia to keep us from ever wising up. I sense that the great quakes coming to north America, will release and have already begun to release many of these secrets, by non-other than the hand of almighty god himself–the antichrist has always been a spiritually endowed person or entity or pharaoh type personage, who withstands god, and makes war on his followers. The alert that I posted today was from October first of 2013 and referenced the government base at the bottom of the grand canyon for immediate medical specialists etc. I have personally verified with active duty four star spec op generals, intelligence agents and eyewitnesses as to the reality of the giant sarcophaguses taken from the hidden caves and temples in the Grand Canyon as well as other locations in the US. I encourage you all to make this a matter of serious prayer, as those things that have been held in suspended animation and or imprisoned are being released both from above and from below and we are in the middle! Read and re-read Luke 10:19 and all of gods promises, of his protection until he makes it real to you in your heart and mind-I will update at his promptings, at the appropriate time.

Mar 28, 2014

Alexander Backman

Support Independent media> Donate to Alexander Backman’s Paypal account at concienciaradio@prodigy.net.mx

WARNING: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency (NSA) may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse, nor protection. If anyone other than the addressee of this e-mail is reading it, you are in violation of the 1st & 4th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America.
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