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Rick Wiles Pleads for $1 Million to Launch 24 Hour Christian Patriotic News Network

The Rick Wiles Wolf Machine is just asking for more. He just received 90k for Iraqi and Syrian refugees but just gave half to the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. He kept the other half for his supposed multimillion dollar ministry which in itself is a sham. The IRS are on to him and he might even jump ship to Ecuador, his Plan B.

Sola Dei Gloria

If you’re acquainted with Rick Wiles and TruNews Christian Radio, you might find this of interest. Personally I find it disgusting. An internet ‘Christian’ radio station attempting to manipulate the elderly by using fear tactics, makes me sick. This guy is not only promoting the false  ‘Patriot Christian movement’, he’s a wolf…

Posted by Steve Lumbley at Apostasy Watch:Rick Wiles Pleads for $1 Million to Launch 24 Hour Christian Patriotic News Network

Fresh off his controversial defense of an as yet unrealized Florida tent church project, Rick Wiles on Monday announced an urgent need for $1 million that would allow him to fulfill his dream of a 24 hour Christian news network to compete head to head with CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Wiles specifically targeted wealthy elderly listeners telling them that they should consider sending him a large donation before they pass away in order to…

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Incredible interview with Black Ops member and former US ARMY Sniper COL SC who relayed his most amazing experiences to Radio Host and Journalist Alexander Backman. SC worked at AREA 51 and at the DULCE NM facility.

Spanish Version available here:

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By Alexander Backman

Update @Feb 28 2015Amazingly, Benjamin Netanyahu went public in 2010 and said that the prophecy written in Ezekiel 37 has already been fulfilled.  This is a huge game changer! That means that we in the midst of Ezequiel 38, the War of Gog (Russia) and Magog (Islam) against Israel.

Is spoke with a Pastor and brother in Mexico over the phone for two hours today. We fellowshipped together and double-checked our findings. He says Ezekiel 37 is yet to be fulfilled. I say it is already fulfilled in light of the current events in world history. Netanyahu is about to deliver his speak in Washington DC before Congress and Iran is already on the doorstep of Israel with 3,000 strong. With all this prophetic hype over the tetrads with a solar eclipse to ocur on March 20th, the 3rd Red Moon on April 4th (right after Resurrection Day) and the final of the Four Blood Moons to happen on Sep. 28 (7+7+7+7+7), Israel is being judged and with it, the rest of the world.

CRN®-FEB-05-2013- I am having a series of dreams in sequence that lay out a prophecy that is to come. I am in Israel walking in a dried up riverbed. This riverbed is all beautiful tan-colored sand. As I enter the Riverbed from the North -the riverbed runs from east to west- I see on my left how these sharp-edged bones start coming out of the ground. They rapidly and sharply start thrusting out of the sand. Simply, I am amazed at this.  I begin to see skulls, not normal skulls though, elongated strangely-formed with what appears to be almond-shaped eye-sockets. They are awesome in size and incredible to behold. I begin to see the torsoes of these skeletons fill the riverbed. the riverbed was very wide, maybe 500 meters wide. The air was dry and the environment wwas very arid, and spiritually-void. Evil is present.

In the recurrent dream I am then transported to a cobblestone street in an old part of a city. I am contacted by a woman who wishes to interview me on important matters regarding NASA and the European Space Agency.  It has to do with an imminent non-earthly threat to Earth.

After the interview, I exit the office where it took place and as I came back out again on the sidewalk where this cobble-stone street is, I see the façade of this building or structure made up of pure black stones of great size. Similar to volcano rocks. They were jagged and completely black. As I observe and contemplate the wall of this property I clearly see 2 logos of a pentagon with two hands over the top that were joined together at the base of the thumbs and canopying over the top part of the pentagon. They were very well-made and finished in highlights, the edges that is, of bronze. They were bronze plaques painted black and just the edges made of shiny bronze.

I am told in the dream by the Holy Spirit resounding in my heart that these are the dark elements responsible for what is to come upon the Earth soon. I am told that these elements belong to a very dark group that uses this Pentagon Emblem with two hands joined at the base of the thumbs while serving as an umbrella of the Pentagon which they worship and enshrine themselves in.

The bones are a representation of the Ezekiel 37 prophecy coming into fruition and the inevitable start of World War Three as detailed in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, Isaiah 9:10 and the Gog-Magog War detailed in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

I would not be writing this unless I felt in my soul that it might serve a purpose for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ King of Kings Creator of the Universe and All. May He Come Quickly!

In His Army!

Rak Chasak! Joel 1:7

Alexander Backman

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