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Walking Dead: mass panic in Nimba County as dead Ebola patients ‘come back to life’

A CIA Col I have interviewed by the name Greg Rinchich warned of this zombie-type virus already existing and that they had plans on releasing it in Africa. He said it in 2012. He knew ths was going to happen. Now people are dying and resurrecting from Ebola? Are they really them or something else occupying them?

The Extinction Protocol

September 2014LIBERIA, Africa – Fear and panic is spreading in Nimba County, an African community where dead Ebola patients have reportedly “resurrected” and roams around among the living. The victims were allegedly women in their 40s and 60s who was thought to have died from the virus in Liberia’s Nimba County. According to the local paper The New Dawn, the pair of “walking dead” is believed to be amongst the living. The report said Dorris Quote, and Ma Kabeh who who said to be in her 60s, both from Hope Village Community and the Catholic Community in Ganta, were about to be buried when they “rose from the dead.” Witnesses claimed Ma Kabeh had stayed indoors for about two nights without receiving medication or taking any food before her reported death. When residents gathered to prepare the burial of the dead women, they were shocked to see the dead…

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Report by Megyn Kelly from the Kelly File from Sept 17 where she interviews Utah Congressman Chaffetz on terrorists possibly crossing border. At least men linked to terrorist states were arrested on Sep 10th, 2014 trying to cross into the US along the Mexico-Texas border. This video sheds more light that the initial threat assessment by was correct.

Again, we ask, who is this man conducting reconnaissance at a Mexican Walmart along the US-Mexico border? Is he a terrorist? Is he a member of IS? More on this report here.


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By Alexander Backman-   Twitter @concienciaradio Blog: Youtube:
CR NEWS- CR NOTICIAS – SEP 16 2014–  My family and I were at IKEA San Diego, at the epicenter, when, out of nowhere, a massive monsoon hurricane-type storm hit San Diego County at approximately 5 PM on September 16. I managed to film about 23 minutes of amazing footage of the lightning bolts hitting the parking lot and splitting a palm-tree in half. I will be editing this tomorrow and uploading to our YouTube channel. It felt like a tornado was hitting us. These last two weeks, we have been having highly untypical tropical weather in Baja California and California. Almost as if the planet has flipped and we are now near the tropics. A surreal experience to say the least. I managed to get testimony from one of the witnesses who say the palm tree get snapped in half by the lightning strike. Something is not right with the weather. I was raised in Coronado and lived on the border for more than 20 years and have never seen anything like this. It feels almost like we were living in India in the middle of a Monsoon. Monsoons in America?
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In this video titled THE REAL ISLAM, Geert Wilders, David Wood, Bill Warner, Christian Zeitz and Robert Spencer discuss the graphic Islamic State propaganda video that must be watched by everyone here. WARNING! THE VIDEO IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN.  It should be watched because it is what these animals and savages truly are, what they are doing and what they have planned. I do not see any mention here of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi being Mossad, do you? No, I see experts who have spent decades fighting the ISLAMization of the West, giving an objective and sincere analysis of what the NAZIs of the 21st Century represent to all other persons who do not sympathize with their radical and satanic beliefs. Make no mistake about it, ISIS or whatever you want to call it, ISIL, IS et al… is ISLAM in its purest form. These savages are executing what the Koran states and they are following what their Caliph is ordering: killing, raping, kidnapping, torturing and enslaving people that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With respect who or what entities put ISIS on the map that is another story that needs to be discussed further. But, for now, the threat of ISIS is as real as it gets and the world needs to confront this threat harshly and expeditiously.

May ISIS be expunged from the face of the earth along with the Koran. Communism killed more than 100 million in the 20th Century.



  • North Pacific, North America, Hawaii, San Andreas Fault, Central Mexico should go on Seismic Alert

  • Numeric and Harmonic patterns consistent with 7s point to a Divine Message from God

  • 9/11 is the Date of the Birth of Jesus Christ in year 3 BC

  • Perfect Heart-shape CME ejected on Solar Spot 2158

By Alexander Backman

Related Video Report:

CR NEWS- SEP 10 2014- A geocentric (Earth-directed) X1.6 magnitude Solar Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is hurling towards the north central portion of Earth and is expected to arrive between 15:00-19;00 hours PST and CST. The expected trajectory puts the North Pacific Ocean and Hawaiian Pacific Region, North American West Coast including the San Andreas Fault, Guerrero Trench as well as the Transversal Volcanic Range in Central Mexico in the bull’s eye of this massive Solar Event.

A seismic alert should is being issued for up to 96 hours after initial impact on 9/11 PST, CST and EST.

What is atypical of this event is the clear Heart image that formed at approximately 19.47° Latitude North on the Solar Surface. The filter of the image below denotes a blood red sun and a heart at Solar Spot 2158. This same spot, oddly looks like the Hawaiian island chain. Geomagnetic vortexes such as the Popocatepetl Volcano and Kilauea are at this very line.

Noteworthy is also the numbers involved during the event and its impact projections.

  • Solar Spot 2158 adds up to a seven after reducing the 16 to one digit. 2+1+5+8=16=1+6=7.
  • Magnitude of Solar Flare is X 1.6. 1+6=7.
  • Date of impact is 9/11, Jesus Christ’s birthday at approximately 7.00pm on 3 BC.

The numbers all align into sequences of 7s.

It was last year that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that we should pay very much attention to Sep 14th 2014. Ever since the EVEN7S Seven Revelation received in Paris, California at 7 PM on January 7, 2012, there are witnesses to this event!, I knew God was telling me to prepare for His 7 thunders.

This article I wrote on Global events an their relation to 7s includes a wallpaper I designed. It is part of that EVEN7s Seven Code. The word EVEN7S, by substituting the letter T for the number 7, show a code that only can come from divine revelation.

What is uncanny is that if one is to use only the letters in the word EVEN7S, the word that is formed is the word SEVEN and the 7 stands out on its own!

We know God uses the Sun, the moon and the stars to speak to His people. This is one of those events.

From here to Sep 14, 2014 we should be very watchful and prayerful.

September is really the 7th month, hence the prefix SEPT as in SEPTIMAL, meaning 7. October has OCT meaning 8 and November has NOV meaning 9, DEC for DECA or 10 an so on.

So, September (7), on day 14 (7+7) of the year 2014, 2+0+1+4=7 is a definite day ordained by God and something memorable will happen on that day that may give us insight into the End of Days and the Coming of Jesus Christ to planet Earth.

Whatever happens, only God knows what is in store for us. Repent! While there is still time.†♥

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By Alexander Backman

Video Report>

CR NEWS-Mexico, Sep 7 2014- The following exclusive images were taken at a busy shopping mall close to the US-MEXICO border. The man in the picture was there observing and speaking via radio or mobile phone for more than 30 minutes passing information to another party.

The images were taken at 4:45pm on Saturday September 6, 2014 and sent to CR NEWS.

We make them available as part of our CT effort to prevent any attacks or criminal activity along the US-MEXICO border.

ISIS_suspect_sep_06_2014_1 ISIS_suspect_sep_06_2014_2 ISIS_suspect_sep_06_2014_3 ISIS_suspect_sep_06_2014_4

The man in the picture was there observing and speaking via radio or mobile phone for more than 30 minutes passing information to another party.

He might have been passing on information as to the coming and goings of shoppers, selecting perhaps a target for a kidnapping or even worse, to conduct a terrorist attack.

The shopping mall where this man was seen and detected is highly visited by Americans that live south of the border.

The man was standing less than 50 feet away from one of the main entrances to Walmart, a store that has been mentioned in terrorist chatter as a possible target for a series of terrorist plots being planned by Al Qaeda against the United States and its interests abroad since 2008.

We suggest the viewer conduct a search on ‘Al Qaeda’s U.S. Railroad, Wal-Mart plotsto know more about how Hispanic-Americans are being actively recruited and radicalized by Al Qaeda and now ISIS.

The man is talking on a radio or mobile phone.

His attitude is highly suspicious.

Earpiece is visible in left ear as he speaks to his accomplice(s).

The man is wearing a backpack hanging from his right shoulder.

What stood out from this particular individual was his prominent beard. The beard seems Islamic and one that Muslims grow in service for their cause and Jihad.

The beard is grown in obedience to Mohammed, who also grew a beard.

Example of Muslim with Beard

Nadal Malik Hasan-Fort Hood Shooter

Notice the beard again. From this angle, there is little doubt that this man is influenced by Islam ideology.


Who is this man?

Why is he scoping out a Walmart full of American tourists?

Is he part of a terrorist plot?

Is he part of ISIS?

Is this photographic evidence proof that radical Islamists are operating and gathering intelligence on US investments south of the border?

Are they planning an attack against Americans and Westerners at Walmart locations south of the border?


Close to 1,000 Radical Islamists are crossing the border into the United States illegally every month.

Mexico is being used by radicals as a staging ground to conduct terrorist attacks against the US as has been proven many times.

Many of these attacks have been stopped without any reporting on behalf of the media.


  • 11 Airliners go missing in Libya a week before 9/11, is a repeat in the works?
  • Border War between Cartels Imminent?

By Alexander Backman

CRN News- CR NOTICIAS- Mexico- Sep 3, 2014- On September 1s7 2014, right after the explosion at the Mexican Government Customs Office located in Piedras Negras Coahuila, the high-conflict border town on the border with adjoining Eagle Pass, Texas, that left one woman dead and at least eight gravely injured, our embedded correspondent has informed CR NEWS that according to an intelligence report from the Local and State Police, a top-level Cartel Summit just took place there.

In spite the fact that media sources questioned the Military Commander in the North Region, General Francisco Juan Avoites Guerra, that such a high-profile meeting had taken place in Piedras Negras, he along with State and Local authorities denied that they had received intelligence reports before the meet to place. According to this report, a NEW SUPER CARTEL has been formed.

Although denied by the Military and Federal Police, at the Narco Summit, cartels expect the Sinaloa Cartel have joined forces in order to create a Super Cartel with worldwide ramifications. It seems that it is not only an Islamic Caliphate that is en vogue, the mass unification of military forces to enforce terrorism against the West. Now, it seems, that Criminal Organizations are uniting to form a massive insurgent army across on the border.

CR NEWS informed its listeners in 2012 that the purpose of Operation Fast and Furious was to arm the Cartels to the teeth for an upcoming mega war between the Obama-CIA-controlled Sinaloa Cartel and the new multi-cartel coalition.

What is clear, is that a war on the border is imminent and the presence of Middle Eastern radical forces that are working along with the cartels only makes things worse. The weak policies in Washington have helped make the border with Mexico as a staging ground for war.

Recent threats of ISIS’ presence at Ciudad Juarez, Al QAEDA’s Inspire Magazine asking for car bombs to be used in the United States, terrorists using social media to promote such attacks, and the threat of an EMP device and Nuclear Terrorism is making the current border crisis unsafe for citizens on both sides.

The threat only worsens after Intelligence Agencies have failed to pinpoint the true location of flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that disappeared earlier this year. Military experts warn that this airplane, a Boeing 777, could me retrofitted and armed and used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction against the West.

In addition to this threat, on September 2nd, it was announced that Libya has fallen into a failed state status and is controlled now by Radical Islamic groups that have raised their ISIS Black Flag of Terror on the US Embassy in Tripoli. All this as a result of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Arab Spring fiascoes and their stubborn Communist and Pro Islamic worldview. Egypt and Libya are clear examples of this failed foreign policy.

Worse even is the fact that Tripoli’s main airport has been secured by the terrorist group in power and that at least 11 airliners have been reported missing all in one week of the 13th commemoration of 9/11. Analysts fear that these airplanes could be used for future attacks as well.

I can only imagine the worst scenario. Libya is right across the Mediterranean. Imagine a plane filled with explosives hitting Madrid or Barcelona or another hitting The Louvre and another one crashing into the London Parliament. All in a matter of hours and at the same time the US getting hit with Mumbai-style attacks and car bombs in its cities or its interests abroad.

Mind you the humanitarian border crisis whereby the US Government has been helping to transport illegal immigrants en masse, some whose health is not the very best, can be defined as a Fifth Column attack against the United States as some have suggested.

The US border is wide open and these open access points are being exploited by all types of people and groups; from drug traffickers, to human traffickers, from illegal immigrants to radical Islamists that are ready to take their violent jihad to the US homeland.

Someone pointed out to us that maybe the Russian troops seen conducting different checkpoints on the Mexican side of the border at Piedras Negras could be in fact Chechen terrorists who also speak Russian and are radical Muslims as well. We are getting close to interview a person who came into direct contact with the unfirmed Russian-speaking soldiers. Information will be available as it develops.