• North Pacific, North America, Hawaii, San Andreas Fault, Central Mexico should go on Seismic Alert

  • Numeric and Harmonic patterns consistent with 7s point to a Divine Message from God

  • 9/11 is the Date of the Birth of Jesus Christ in year 3 BC

  • Perfect Heart-shape CME ejected on Solar Spot 2158

By Alexander Backman

Related Video Report:

CR NEWS- SEP 10 2014- A geocentric (Earth-directed) X1.6 magnitude Solar Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is hurling towards the north central portion of Earth and is expected to arrive between 15:00-19;00 hours PST and CST. The expected trajectory puts the North Pacific Ocean and Hawaiian Pacific Region, North American West Coast including the San Andreas Fault, Guerrero Trench as well as the Transversal Volcanic Range in Central Mexico in the bull’s eye of this massive Solar Event.

A seismic alert should is being issued for up to 96 hours after initial impact on 9/11 PST, CST and EST.

What is atypical of this event is the clear Heart image that formed at approximately 19.47° Latitude North on the Solar Surface. The filter of the image below denotes a blood red sun and a heart at Solar Spot 2158. This same spot, oddly looks like the Hawaiian island chain. Geomagnetic vortexes such as the Popocatepetl Volcano and Kilauea are at this very line.

Noteworthy is also the numbers involved during the event and its impact projections.

  • Solar Spot 2158 adds up to a seven after reducing the 16 to one digit. 2+1+5+8=16=1+6=7.
  • Magnitude of Solar Flare is X 1.6. 1+6=7.
  • Date of impact is 9/11, Jesus Christ’s birthday at approximately 7.00pm on 3 BC.

The numbers all align into sequences of 7s.

It was last year that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that we should pay very much attention to Sep 14th 2014. Ever since the EVEN7S Seven Revelation received in Paris, California at 7 PM on January 7, 2012, there are witnesses to this event!, I knew God was telling me to prepare for His 7 thunders.

This article I wrote on Global events an their relation to 7s includes a wallpaper I designed. It is part of that EVEN7s Seven Code. The word EVEN7S, by substituting the letter T for the number 7, show a code that only can come from divine revelation.

What is uncanny is that if one is to use only the letters in the word EVEN7S, the word that is formed is the word SEVEN and the 7 stands out on its own!

We know God uses the Sun, the moon and the stars to speak to His people. This is one of those events.

From here to Sep 14, 2014 we should be very watchful and prayerful.

September is really the 7th month, hence the prefix SEPT as in SEPTIMAL, meaning 7. October has OCT meaning 8 and November has NOV meaning 9, DEC for DECA or 10 an so on.

So, September (7), on day 14 (7+7) of the year 2014, 2+0+1+4=7 is a definite day ordained by God and something memorable will happen on that day that may give us insight into the End of Days and the Coming of Jesus Christ to planet Earth.

Whatever happens, only God knows what is in store for us. Repent! While there is still time.†♥

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  1. Cinthya says:

    Your email arrived @ 7:08 Incredible !

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Alexandra says:

    This article hit home.
    Went to a study yesterday and we watched a video “Behold, your GOD”. During the teaching I noticed a stained glass window. The bottom of it looked like an explosion (red, swirled smoke). It gave me a strange feeling inside that something (an event looking like that) will soon hit earth. Your article and that glass window are somehow connected.
    It is a prayer for a long time, that our Heavenly Father will bring people to their knees for repentance (especially the ones that are called by HIS name). HIS word is clear that we ought to walk holy as HE is holy (we are NOT without sin, but we need to repent), and if we humble ourselves that HE will heal the land. Yahweh’s people need to check out ALL scriptures in the OT and NT that concern Jehovah’s laws, statutes, commandments and ordinances!!! This is very important (Psalm 119, Hosea 4:6, 1. John 2), it will put us back on the small path.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Remember what I wrote yesterday?

    “Your article and that glass window are somehow connected.”

    This is why:


    Check out the first video and start at 0:21.

    The window showed that pattern. It is the sun.
    I did not know what it was until I saw the above video.

    I am in awe. Yahweh is great!

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