Rick Wiles Pleads for $1 Million to Launch 24 Hour Christian Patriotic News Network

The Rick Wiles Wolf Machine is just asking for more. He just received 90k for Iraqi and Syrian refugees but just gave half to the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. He kept the other half for his supposed multimillion dollar ministry which in itself is a sham. The IRS are on to him and he might even jump ship to Ecuador, his Plan B.

Sola Dei Gloria

If you’re acquainted with Rick Wiles and TruNews Christian Radio, you might find this of interest. Personally I find it disgusting. An internet ‘Christian’ radio station attempting to manipulate the elderly by using fear tactics, makes me sick. This guy is not only promoting the false  ‘Patriot Christian movement’, he’s a wolf…

Posted by Steve Lumbley at Apostasy Watch:Rick Wiles Pleads for $1 Million to Launch 24 Hour Christian Patriotic News Network

Fresh off his controversial defense of an as yet unrealized Florida tent church project, Rick Wiles on Monday announced an urgent need for $1 million that would allow him to fulfill his dream of a 24 hour Christian news network to compete head to head with CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Wiles specifically targeted wealthy elderly listeners telling them that they should consider sending him a large donation before they pass away in order to…

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