The days of compromising are over. You better get aligned. God is cleaning house.

Here is my response to a brother in Jesus after he asked me to retract my article about Rick Wiles from

I have no quarrel with you nor Mr Wiles. I just felt led to point out these things that I consider of grave importance due to the great responsibility that Mr. Wiles has with TRUNEWS. I used to listen to him regularly and started to sense that there was something else behind what his ‘humble’ enterprise represents.  I will not discuss this further.

I will remove any mention of Mr., Wiles form the article if he would just recognize and say publicly that the word Hallelujah is incorrect and is not even in the Bible. I mean, is it ok to you to have someone say Hail Lucifer in Hebrew all the time? It is like saying Heil Hitler and be in Jerusalem. If Mr., Wiles would truly reevaluate his ant biblical slur and see that he is in error and repent before Jesus and come out on his show and promote Alleluia. Also, if he would stop promoting the Hebrew Roots heresy by interviewing Mark Blitz and other pastors that have infiltrated Christianity and taken it hostage… For what purpose? Money!

I see a sick Israel, an assembly that is lacerated and wounded. A bride that is dying and believe me… Jesus does not want His Bride in such a condition of division He is angry and sad at the same time to see these things happening. He shew me in a vision, an open-eyed vision on Nov 11 2011 an incredible thing. He shew me the condition of His church. In the vision, I was standing in an operating room. Jesus Christ was standing behind me. There on the metallic table was a woman. She was a bride to be. She was unconscious laying there on the operating bed in the OR and the doctors began to sheer her dress open from the bottom up. The proceeded to open the dress and the girdle. Then they grabbed a scalpel and began to make a y incision from her neck down her sternum and further down to her womb. They then opened her up like a book! It was a gruesome sight to behold.

Then the medical team grinded into the sternum with a circular saw. I cringed when I saw that. I would not turned around as Jesus asked me to watch this entire event to unfold. I respect Our Father in all He asks of me. How dare we question Him! Then the Doctors opened her ribcage up and to each side, like a book again! It was amazing to see. That is when Jesus wanted me to see and get closer. Watch now! He said! See now! This is what has happened to my bride. Tell them that I will come soon to salvage this. Tell them what you saw!

What I saw was something so horrible! I saw that the bride’s organs were infested with white larvae. These were maggots. I mean millions of them eating away at her! It was like a swarm of insects crawling inside her. She was infected and pus could be seen. The smell of the infection inside her was more than evident. I saw them then turn into flies. Jesus showed me that this is what is happening to His church, His assembly of saints. The church is infested with lies and false Christians.

Jesus told me that He is getting ready to amputate her limbs. That He does not want to do this but will have to if the current condition of His bride stays on the same course it has taken up to now. He showed me that He is willing to save His church from total annihilation and ordered me and showed me how to begin the cleansing process of His bride. He gave me a glass of water. This water was blessed indeed! The most beautiful water I have ever seen! It shone like nothing of this world! It was almost golden like in appearance. It shimmered and glittered. It was pristine and pure. I could only imagine its power! I mean, coming from the hand of Jesus. It had to be. Then he asked me to pour the water onto the open-body of His dying bride. The white maggots still swirled in an unending flesh-feeding frenzy as I began to pure the Glory Water. That is what I call it. The water began to kill off the infestation and the infection as I poured it over her entire insides. Then I heard Him say. Go and tell them!

That is all. All this happened to me in an open-eyed vision as I was walking and praying asking Him counsel about the condition of the church. As you might imagine, I returned after the walk around the block to speak before and audience of 1 thousand people from all denominations in Mexico City.  And I shared with them what had just happened to me. It shook them to the core. That is when I knew that Jesus had chosen me to begin this healing process.

The glass of Holy Water that will cure the church from the maggot infestation that has currently over-taken her is TRUTH. Pure and unadulterated TRUTH. To say things like they are. To point out who the wolves in sheep’s clothing are. All for the saints of God and to stop anyone who is trying to deceive them by exposing their lies!

Is Churchianity today filled with just maggots waiting to be transformed into flies? There have to be some good sheep left…

I hope that clears up why I have written some articles against my fellow brothers. It is TRUTH and even though it hurts… Guess what Daniel… it heals…

I do not want us to lose our friendship by any means. Please tell Mr. Wiles that I am sorry if I have offended him in anyway.

May the TRUTH replenish us all in Jesus’ Holy Name.

In His army,

Alexander Backman †

Time to clean up the Bride… the wedding is  close and the Bridegroom is coming!

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  1. […] I am following what Jesus Christ, my Commanding Officer asked me to do when he showed me His Bride infested with maggots. You can read it here in a post I did recently titled “VISION OF THE MAGGOT-INFESTED BRIDE”. […]

  2. j says:


    I post this question on Michael’s website. How did you come to conclusion that “Hallelujah” is Hail Satan in Hebrew? I did research but couldn’t come up with a conclusion. If possible, please provide details since many Pastors preach the KJV and uses this Hebrew word.

    Since the Pastors preached the KJV, I just don’t know why they don’t use the word “Alleluia”?. It makes me wonder here. Any feedback is appreciated.

    • Hail Lucifer, big difference! Halel is what that means. There is a study on this I have it backed up somewhere among my TBs of data. Also, Revelation says ‘aleluya’ not ‘Haleluya’. I sure hope it is just a confusion. Semantics aside. Worship God Almighty in the best way you know how, SINGING TO HIM! Blessings eternal. AB

  3. Apryl says:

    Alex..are you leaning more to, ‘more than likely’ OR that YOU think he is? I have a friend who has been listening to him for six years, and he swears by him. My friend said, ” I did not know that hallelujah meant that . Rick speaks in the name of Jesus from the kjv and I’m not going to stop listening to him for something I and so many others didn’t know about. But I do have issues with Rick planning on running from America with money off the backs of his donors like me”.
    Myself, something just is ‘off’ about Rick Wiles. I have been doing research on several radio shows. I don’t want to be wasting my time on people that are false teachers. And these days, they are doing an excellent job in deceiving the masses! Would really appreciate your thoughts! Thank you friend!

    • Hi Apryl. Rick has been scamming and conning Christians for years! I and other colleagues have been digging into his financial life and have many testimonies of his doubtful earnings. He has collected millions over the years and invested heavily in Real Estate, here and abroad. Yes, I believe his plans are to jump ship with his family and move to either Panama or the Bahamas. His fundraisers and other projects are nothing less than money-collecting schemes in my opinion. Be blessed always. I pray that you come to the Truth on these matters.

      Love always,


      • Apryl says:

        Alex..Do you think Rick Wiles even know’s Christ at all? The guy sure knows how to ‘talk the talk’?? And, even reading out of the KJV! I thought I heard somewhere recently that, Paul Crouch put up the money for his show??Isn’t Paul Crouch dead, now? Paul Crouch is/was a phony, a false teacher, you know that I’m sure? It may have been on your blog that I read this, can’t remember for sure? Also, I read that he was subpoenaed recently too, did you hear this?

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