By Steve Quayle
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Proofread and reformatted for legibility by Alexander Backman
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PREFACE BY ALEXANDER BACKMAN> These caverns in the Gran Canyon extend well into northern Mexico. The caverns are interconnected and go through Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora and end in Baja California. In February of last year I interviewed residents in the rural arteas along the entire state who have seen all kinds of supernatural occurrences, anomalies and what not coming out from under the ground and also while exploring the ancient underground tunnel systems. Giants have been spotted walking on the mountain ridges. When spotted, they hide. It is more than clear that they do not want to be seen. They always walk in pairs,.

Two Mexican explorers decided to go into the tunnel systems in the Rumorosa mountain range West of Mexicali which extends underground all the way to Barstow California in the Mojave. Local native American tribes advised them to not go into the tunnels because it is easy to get confused while trying to get out. The said the paths change on their own. Some cite a dimensional abnormality under the ground when walking down there. A sort of moving labyrinth. While down there, the two men had an encounter with at least five Satyrs or hoofed-footed entities. They mentioned that they had a bull’s head instead of human. The torso was human and instead of feet, the entities had hooves. This scared them out of their minds.

I am currently exploring an old turquoise mine where nymphs and other entities have been reported coming out of the mountains in mid Baja California. Giant remains have been unearthed, the hoof-footers walk openly at night on the riverbeds and black triangular craft have been seen coming out of the mountainside. Not even the Drug-lords go near there after an experience  that literally scared the-you-know-what out of them. It is my contention that the increase in volcanic and seismic activity is opening the chambers and recesses under the ground allowing these creatures and abominations to be set frtee upon the earth. Just recently I was briefed that under Dulce there are thousands of these types of entities gathering for some sort of move on the surface of the Earth. The WIPP incidenct in new Mexico is part of possibly another Dulce War event like the one Paul Schneider was involved with in the 70s.


By Steve Quayle…

As most of you know I have spent my life as a researcher and writer of ancient artifacts, antiquity, fallen angels, spiritual warfare and the end times. The true history of the world, ancient giants, civilizations and technology, which has been kept secret by the real powers behind the scenes and their fallen angel masters. This information, is being released at the ultimate point of deception, where we are now. The antichrist the entity versus the spirit of antichrist, is the power that is already manifesting itself on the world stage .with over 20 plus years of talk radio under my belt t and having been privileged to have had amazing people brought across my path, by the mercy of god, who he has used to show me many truths of giants, fallen angels, demons and antiquity’s secret technology and civilizations. Throughout the past week in the early morning hours I have felt impressed to accelerate and release what I know and show you the relevance of antiquity, and how it will affect you and your families. The bible states that there is no fear in love and god doesn’t want his children taken by surprise or overwhelmed by fear or by the very events that will cause men’s hearts to fail them for looking after those things coming upon the earth. Many of you have written asking if this is Mormonism -absolutely not–just because someone incorporates artifacts and or the writings of “Solomon Spalding’s manuscript’s” into their beliefs, doesn’t negate the underlying facts of history nor validate their beliefs. The Egyptian and ancient presence of Phoenicians, Libyans Chinese and, Hebrews in America thousands of years before Columbus is a known fact, yet denied by those in academia to keep us from ever wising up. I sense that the great quakes coming to north America, will release and have already begun to release many of these secrets, by non-other than the hand of almighty god himself–the antichrist has always been a spiritually endowed person or entity or pharaoh type personage, who withstands god, and makes war on his followers. The alert that I posted today was from October first of 2013 and referenced the government base at the bottom of the grand canyon for immediate medical specialists etc. I have personally verified with active duty four star spec op generals, intelligence agents and eyewitnesses as to the reality of the giant sarcophaguses taken from the hidden caves and temples in the Grand Canyon as well as other locations in the US. I encourage you all to make this a matter of serious prayer, as those things that have been held in suspended animation and or imprisoned are being released both from above and from below and we are in the middle! Read and re-read Luke 10:19 and all of gods promises, of his protection until he makes it real to you in your heart and mind-I will update at his promptings, at the appropriate time.

Mar 28, 2014

Alexander Backman

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