I had a dream this morning, as I worked all night doing research on ISIS and other matters of importance. I woke up late and visibly shaken. ISIS members had cut off my head! Yes, I felt the knives of not one but twenty men at least as their knives thrusted through my skin and into my back as I was on my knees with my hands tied behind my back.

These men were  all wearing black masks, sort of like the Mexican wrestlers, very tight masks that cover the whole head and neck. They wore black pants, a black shirt and a black coat. They wore boots. These men were here in Mexico and had already controlled regions of the city where I was at the time and had it under Shariah Law. They were hunting us down. ‘The  Christians’, the ‘Nazarenes,’ as they refer to us or ‘People of The Book.’

I was kneeling on the edge of the sidewalk there. I turned back over my right shoulder and saw them. More than twenty men. All except one had the ominous yet modern mask wrapped tightly around their faces. This man, an overweight man, had no hair on his head. he was in his 30s. He had a red mole above his right lip. He smile and laughed as I saw him raise his razor sharp knife to stab me in the back over my shoulders. As this began to happen I saw the rest, all very excited, very happy, celebrating my death. They chanted even Allahu Akbar! like crazy hyenas after a kill. That is when it all sank in. As I gazed back to bow down my head and expect the blows and the beheading that I was about to receive, I remember the black flag of ISIS nailed to the facade of the Shariah office  where I had been taken to. I had been arrested and taken there that very day after the city-wide hunt.

I felt the sharp blades and the blows on my neck. I started getting filled with fear! I did not want to die! I do not know why, considering that a better world awaited me with Jesus  Christ receiving me in all His Glory. I started squirming like a worm. That is when they grabbed me by my shoulders and I felt the blade starting to behead me from the front backward. From the right to the left. The blood started immediately to pour out through my neck. I felt it like warm honey flowing out of my body as it grew cold. I saw my neck and the rest of my body for a moment as the man carved all the way through  my neck. Then… I knew I was dying now and committed my soul to God and that He have mercy on my soul.

Then I woke up! Visibly shaken, yet tired.

It all felt so real.

And yes, it hurts when they start beheading you.  It hurts a lot. I felt the pain.

I got an email by World Net Daily today in my inbox. It is official. ISIS has declared Christianity as their #1 Enemy.  Read here.

When are we going to get up and destroy these demons from hell?

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  1. Cinthya Haaz says:

    Brother today is 10/14/14 well until 12am.. make fasting and prayer.. you need Jesus Christ to give you more protection..

    I love you Agape.. and I’m very worried about you.. with this terrible dream or simulation or revelation… etc.. this is not good…

    Please take a break about ISIS and get back with the word of God preaching the Gospel and making Viva Cristo more study..

    I love your shows, blogs and investigations,,, but when this affect you dreams and mind… you need to stop …I will pray for you and for your Family and anything you need let me know…

    Yesterday also 7.4 earthquake in el SALVADOR!! GOD IS NOW MOVING EVERYTHING WE ARE IN A SPIRITUAL WAR….


    Jesus Christ Bless you !!!


    Cinthya Haaz

  2. carissamaria says:

    My prayers are with you…may God create a shelter of light to keep you protected during your sleep! I can imagine how your nightmare tormented you and I know how it feels…I had nightmares about these monsters too (as strangely as it may sound, my nightmares appeared before I knew about them…). Always remember that darkness attacks the ones he’s afraid of…and your work, your articles and your faith are a powerful expression of everything good, everything worth fighting for.
    God bless you! May your dreams be protected by angels of light!

    • Thank you Carrissa! Your comment is a blessing. We covered the ALIEN THREAT/AGENDA this week on our Spanish-language Radio Show, Conciencia Radio, and some strange things happened. I am thinking of restarting my radio show in English again. The question is, should I? I will go into prayer about this. You Be Blessed!†♥

      • infadel13 says:

        thats why we should know some martial arts!!! YES Jesus Christ is much more powerful and able to protect us, BUT it says how the beast will declare war on the saints and win!! i would MUCH rathe rbe able to take out a few of lucifers soldiers before they get me!!! i pray IF it is HIS will, i can go down fighting and take out some of lucifers soldiers befor ethey get me. if not i guess ill die HIS way, on my knees. but it is SO EASY to parry, evade, or disarm your opponent then take him out with his OWN blade!!! also hopefully a few of his buddies too before they get a chance to react. they seem to be use to unarmed men, women and kids, no real competition for them. well i have raw bacon for their corpses and a grease coated blade, GET SOME!!!!

  3. […] It’s been a week since the ‘dream’ / vision I had, which I believe was a revelation from The LORD.  Read the post I did on it here. […]

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