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(I am thinking of doing a Youtube Video on this subject. Not sure if I should though.)

It was so real. The knife tearing away on the left side of my throat, slicing to the right going into my neck. They were rambling like hyenas ‘Allahu Akbar… Alahu Akbar!’ I recall the others stabbing me in the back from the top down tearing into my flesh moments before after I had turned back while on my knees to see them. All of them had tight-fitting masks except the beheader. No, this man was an overweight Muslim who was enjoying every bit of what he was doing. Enjoying it! He was different than the rest. He was in his 30s, shaven head and shaven face but had a red mole above his right lip. I turned around trying to duck once they realized I had seen them, seen him. He came from behind and stabbed me once, from the top down. Ohhh, it hurt so much!

As I squirmed in pain, I knew the end for me on this earth had arrived. Yes, I felt the pain. I thought it could not be felt in ‘dreams’, or was it? Was it a dream or was this more than a dream? Was it The LORD showing me what is to come?

It’s been a week since the ‘dream’ / vision I had, which I believe was a revelation from The LORD.  Read the post I did on it here.

I sent an email this morning. It was very early. I could not sleep at all! It keeps repeating. The memory, the vivid memory of the ‘dream’. I grab my neck still in unbelief that I am still here. That is how real it was. ISIS cutting off my head.

There are more details I did not write about. Facts that are too gory to share. I floated above my lifeless and headless body and saw more. I was not the only one! They had more in the make-up office that the ISLAMIC State had established in my town of residence.  Their flag was above the door. It was like a precinct for Shariah Law or whatever they might call it.

Last night. I continued my research. A sister from South Korea, whom I met last month as she was doing missionary work for Jesus spent time with me in my home, she, bless her soul, sent me an email of the last man being decapitated via the Guillotine recently. (Original Video Here)

I had said or thought that it was just a matter of time that IS, ISIS, ISIL, DAESH or The Devil’s Soldiers as I call them, would be killing Christians via a faster and more efficient system. Yes, the Guillotine.

I recalled the 30,000 guillotines that the DOD (Department of Defense of the United States of America) had purchased a couple of years ago (2012?). Reports of US soldiers and the chatter that they had received the lots of Guillotines at an Army base and that they where being trained on how to use them. The Guillotine, for all intents and purposes, is an efficient and fast killing machine that can dispatch humans in a mechanized factory-line style of slaughter. This means only one thing, they want to kill a lot of people in very little time.


This week I was mulling over an email from some sisters that mentioned that they might be using the Ebola outbreaks for organ harvesting. I said, maybe this was not feasible given the fact that Ebola victims and their organs are massively infected with the virus. A virus, by the way, that is now called just ‘DEATH’. Behold a pale horse, here we come!

I apologize for digressing. But bear with me. The organ harvesting scheme is a true conspiracy of monstrous proportions. From the Chinese Communists from the PLA killing off Falung Gong members and selling their organs for profit (Read here), to the Zionist ‘Jews’ that kidnap and kill children in Latin America (Read Here) for that very purpose, to steal their organs. Mind you that they also do it with the Palestinians living in Gaza who, thanks to the Israeli occupation,  now governed by Hamas, and the now-extinct, PLO, live under a state of siege and war in a 2 million-person concentration camp. It is happening worldwide and it is now a booming business. (Have a look here).

In Latin America, Mexico even, it is good to sell your kidney to the get out of the economic depression and total subjection that Mexicans are living under thanks to the Elites. In fact, they are the ones who buy their organs. In the US alone, there is a growing demand for organs to fulfill the transplant waiting lists. (Read Here)

So, in summation, organ harvesting for the elites is part of a criminal conspiracy that they have created in the first place along with rich Europeans and Israelis. Crimes of genocide and human torture are part of their trade. It would not surprise me that the Vatican is also behind this very lucrative business as well. So, the poor are now what the Elites like Ray Kurzweil, the and fake mongrelized ‘Jew’, terms ‘life extension technologies’. How sick and perverted they all are!

ISIS beheads and crucifies the Saints of Jesus Christ, and at the same time,  the cursed and damned fake ‘Jews’ (AKA Zionists) harvest our organs after we die or are still alive. Effing insane!!! What is worse? Industrial Cannibalism! or being beheaded by medieval savages?

I have covered some insane stories in the past. From Chinese aborted human babies being dried and ground up and sold as stamina pills, to Senomyx harvesting aborted human baby cells to be used in soft drinks  and other processed foods as ‘natural flavor’ enhancers. But this is almost as evil if not as much.

And just as I am ready to post this article, my sister in Christ Barbara emails me and mentions the following on organ harvesting. She worked in the health industry for decades, so she knows what she is talking about. Here is what she just sent me:

Alexander;  I wrote before about my own serious misgivings about organ transplantation.  I think it is cannibalism.  Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.  Must Christians will come back to me and tell me “but lives are saved” so that makes it a good thing.

I have dealt first hand with the Organ donation people and they are like smiling vultures buzzing around the intensive care units sucking up to the staff all the while bullying the families of the dying into signing over the bodies.  There is money to be made.  This is not altogether altruistic and it is sickening.
Go back to how the ancient people regarded the care of the bodies of their dead.  They were very careful to treat them with great respect and not defile them in any way.  Look at orthodox Jews and Muslims.
We have turned into literal butchers carving up our dead for a price.  BAD FRUIT

Forget the quantum machines that cure you of all diseases in minutes like in the movie Elysium,  or the organ-harvesting clone-factories in the Deep Underground Military Bases like in the movie The Island. No, these ‘pigs’, pun intended because, believe it or not, there are some in the Illuminati that literally have pig organs transplanted into them to extend their lives here on this earth trying to outlive their lifespan and therefore outwit Jesus and their coming judgment. I would conclude that they are not human at all. They are the literal spawn of Satan.

The so-called Jews are not the Hebrew Nation of the Bible, they are the tares that the Bible warns us about. They are from Khazaria or what today is Ukraine. That is why in the Ukraine they uncovered another organ harvesting operation run by Jews. ►(Read here) That is why they arrived to Haiti first, before anyone after the 2010 quake that killed 100,000 people in just 10 minutes. ►(Read here) They arrived to harvest the organs! So, you see, it is in their blood. They are vile to the core and this is the way they roll. And, as the Bible foretells with 100% accuracy, these evil individuals will be part of the harvest when the Malachim (Angels) come down and take them away. I just pray that judgment comes to them soon!

Also, a warning to all Israel Zionist-supporting Christians like John Hagee and Rapture cultists and Pastors in the Cavalry Chapels out there, when you are ‘raptured’, it will ironically be the same Malachim (Fallen Ones) who will take you up and slice and dice you up, organs and all, when you are raptured for your organs and they make carnitas out of you for believing the Strong Delusion and the Lie. Just watch the documentary AFTER THE TRIBULATION and get over it! (Watch it here! Come on! I dare you!)

Back to the Guillotines

I was reading up and it turns out that two states is where they have these 30,000 matte black-finished Guillotines: Montana and Georgia. I heard from a person in INTELCOMM that they even have a phrase on top in Arabic. He also mentioned that they were made in China. Somebody has really gone out of their way to build these simple machines of death. The Carlysle Group comes to mind, considering that the Bushes, Blair and even the Bin Laden Group have invested in this globalopolized corporation of death.

This article sums it up nicely. It is on the NOAHIDE LAWS and how they plan to kill Christians en mass►  (Read Here)

I suggest you watch these videos below▼ and read the law that was approved during the Bush Dubya Administration where they authorized the killing of Christians. It is titled ‘Now the Government Can Legally Kill Christians’ ►(Read Here)

And now that ISIS made it official that we ‘Nazarenes’, as they call us, or ‘People of the Book’ are their #1 Enemy, (Read here) and in Syria they are proudly sharing via their cellphones the video and images of a baby girl being they decapitated, I know that these armies that are now out in the open are the Antichrist’s End Times soldiers and time is indeed so short.

Last week, I watched this heart-wrenching testimony on what ISIS is doing and a Military Historian’s new Book ‘Day of Wrath’. It is only a matter of time. Really! Please take the time to watch this.

I for one have come to terms with my translation into Heaven to be received by Jesus Christ in All His Glory!

What better way than to die a martyr’s death for the One True God of Israel, Jesus Christ, King of King and Lord of lords, The Alpha and the Omega. Amen!

I would gladly die for Jesus’ name… would you? I bet you that our brothers and sisters, our siblings in Christ are already dying without a fight in the hands of ISIS happy that they died a Martyr’s Death and have arrived to Heaven. Let us not feel bad for them. This is written! This would happen!

Rev 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. (KJV)


Pray this with me:

Lord, let me live,
so I can stand,
among the faithful
like grains of sand.
Don’t let pestilence
sickness or war
take my body,
I want more.
Not an accident
of any kind,
one death that I desire,
that’s on my mind.
I want to live,
so I can die for Your Name,
for this I try.
It’s in your hands,
you have planned my fate,
but still I ask,
for a death so great .
In Jesus’ Holy Name
Alexander Backman – Soldier of Yeshua♥†
Romans 8:35    who shall separate us from the love of Chris t?  Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine ,or nakedness, or peril, or SWORD  ?    36 : As It is written: For Your sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the Slaughter.    37: Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.    38: For I am persuaded that neither death nor life , nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things, present nor things to come,     39:nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing , shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
As an Addendum to this article, I would like for you to listen to Oct. 20th’s edition of TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles, I listened to it 3 times last night while in prayer. It says a lot.
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  1. gitardood says:

    Alex my friend, I am quite discomfited by your posts lately, ie Happy 66 and this latest one. It seems you like friend Paul, are besotted by hate for Israel, and keep going on about Khazars etc. You are using a very broad brush, to condemn, but remember, Yeshua said “with the same measure you judge, you will be judged”. As I stated to you before, no one is claiming that all Israelis, nor their gov, are born again believers in Messiah, His servants, or any such thing. But neither are they all political Zionists, (in fact God is moving powerfully in Israel and many are repenting and turning to Yeshua), – I also hope you’re not putting much stock ie credibility in Protocols of the Elders of Zion – a falsified work, authored by Freemason pagan Illuminist to stir up hatred. You better re read Romans 11 – because we’re plainly told God has not discarded / cast off / severed His people of which His Son was incarnated as, but rather their eyes were blinded for a season, but that season is hastening to an end and so is the season of the Gentiles. Remember, He said if you truly and sincerely seek you shall find, if in like manner you ask you will receive, and the door will be opened to you. “If any man lack wisdom let him ask of Yahweh, …”

    • Thank you. I have read the genetic documentation by they that call themselves ‘Jews’ and are not and it is telling to say the least. First, their DNA is not from the Promised Land or Judea… they stem from Khazaria. At least most of them anyway. I am not saying that many will not turn to Yeshua and accept Him as the Mashiach, something that Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri did on his death bed. I pray that all Israel repents and recognizes Jesus Christ as their Messiah. But since they killed him back in the day, they are spiritually blinded and stuck on the Old Testament and in their Talmudic ways.

      I am not against them. I am just venting and expressing my opinion. It is dangerous doctrine to fool Christians and TORAHrize them to death until they begin accepting the more than 600 ordinances that The LORD gave them.

      And yes, although Paul Schlegel AKA Professor Truth had a lot to do with providing me evidence throughout the years with regard to the origins of the word JEW and who they are, I was formed differently as a Christian. I have had pastors time and time again telling me to refute Romans 11. The fact being that the word Jew is misused and it should instead be Judeans.

      Maybe Professor Truth’s upcoming DVD titled ISRAEL not a place, JEWS not a race will shed light on this important matter.

      I for one, see a spiritual Israel apart from the APOSTATE that has embraced the flag of Moloch.

      I am sorry that we cannot see eye-to-eye on these matters brother.

      Godspeed Paul.

      • gitardood says:

        Alex I don’t ask that you see eye to eye with me, I am not claiming to know all ie omniscience, only Abba and His Son Yeshua , along with the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom, Revelation and Love, know all. I want you to know I appreciate you, your frankness, your ministry, and I do love you as a brother.

      • Go to Christogenea, where the historic details proving the Jews are Edomites and Canaanites are outlined in great detail. The historic proofs that the true Israelites are among the early Europeans are also explained in detail.

      • gitardood says:

        actually Tim Albernio interviewed Fritz Springmeier who’s researched quite extensively. It was on youtube til they deleted Tim’s channel. I fortunately downloaded the interview. Part of what’s covered was the topic of Cuthah.In 2 Kings 17 when Israelites went into captivity, from the territory later known as Samaria, Shalmaneser the king of Assyria sent in from his pagan subjects to take over the land. YAHUAH sent lions to kil them, so a report went back that they didn’t know the Elohim of the Israelites who was obviously more powerful than their gods and He was angry with them (they didn’t associate this wrath with them “demonising His land” by worshipping their gods / idols / devils). So the king sent a few Israelites back to explain YAHUAH ‘s ways and commands for serving Him. The pagans just added Him as “another god” Some intermarried with the Israelites. Cuthah people were descended from Cush and Ham. There was a priestly (pagan priestly) class among them who served Nergal and other satanic entities. Remember Cush fathered Nimrod, who became ruler of the known world and was the first prototype of AntiChrist. To cut it short a bit, some of these Cushites, satanic priests, migrated to what became Khazaria and bred with Khazars. Some of these Cuthites (a few) did have Jewish blood by intermarriage but not a big percentage.By the way, this tribe of priests were Quraysh – Mohammed was a descendant and so is King of Jordan I’ve heard. At any rate the modern day Illuminati bloodlines. especially the Rothschilds and the British monarchy, claim descendancy from them as well.

      • gitardood says:

        I’m actually reading a great book on related subjects ie Cain, Canaanites, etc as well as many more topics called “Genesis 6 Conspiracy” by Gary Wayne – a frequent guest on Now You See TV – usually I wasch on their YouTube


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