Sun Dogs and Planet X Debunked


(Nov 5 2015-†) Mexican investigative journalist for Conciencia Radio, Alexander Backman, elaborates on the phenomenon he recorded on video for CRTV over the skies of Tijuana, Mexico recently on October 25 while under, yet another, unmistakable and undeniable, heavy aerosol spraying attack with chemtrails,  where, at the same time, what appeared to be two rainbow-colored sky , which in reality, form part of a solar and optical phenomenon known as “Sun Dogs”.  In other words, we managed to understand and successfully explain what we caught on camera.

Moreover, Alexander Backman shows why the supposed video o the now infamous ‘Planet X’ by Melissa Huffman (link below) that has gone viral and retransmitted by mass media, including The Daily Mail of London, in recent weeks is not Planet X at all nor anything that resembles it.

Once again, Conciencia Radio’s leading investigative journalist  puts this and other Planet X videos that claim to have filmed or photographed Planet X close to the sun and labels them as total fakes or false in their assumptions: BE ADVISED! THEY ARE NOT PLANET X.

Finally, we prove, through a series of never published before images, how, with any digital video or photographic camera, any one person can film or photograph Planet X near the setting sun  and make a fraudulent video with minimal effort.

We are still waiting for the ominous arrival of Planet X.

This same video was also recorded in Spanish:
Images and Videos used:
What is this ?#planet?#reddwarf?#NIbiru?, Melissa Hufmann © 2015

Stunning Dog Sun Time-lapse Over South Florida, Jeff Gammons © 2013

Strange Object Filmed In Florida Sky Some Are Calling Proof Of Planet X

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