I cannot and will not stop voicing my opinion ont he insanity of these NAZIs int he White House, the Demorats and the Establishment about what PP (Planned Parenthood), the new SS, is doing. It gets worse and worse! Now, as Children of God’s Debbi Vinnedge illustrates, they are inducing the live birth of these soul-filled, God-breathed babies, dissecting them alive (vivisection) without anesthesia in order to procure their organs. Then, the just kill them off while they scream in agony unable to defend themselves. Deborah Nucatola and her whole staff are the New Nazis practicing Neonaticide! This has to stop! Fuck science! and I am sorry, I am angry!!! So angry by this… F**k Planned Parenthood and may they all burn in hell. God will cut them down, make no mistake about it! – Alexander Backman

Another Felony at Planned Parenthood Caught on Camera

Children of God for Life website:

Can a baby: Fetus Food for the Family

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  1. Cinthya says:

    Te apoyo Akex me checan las refers sociales pero ni modo tendre que entrar para difundir esta genocidia noticia y pasarlo Al noticiero de ni Amiga periodista de telemundo espero le den el siga para Pasar la noticia!!

    Nos Vemos pronto!!! Cinthya

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Rhonda says:

    Alex, more & more abominations are voting to surface in these last days. These demonic procedures have been going on underground even before they surfaced with Roe vs Wade.
    I guess Ted Gunderson and the children speaking out bringing these atrocities to light has changed me forever. By the way, you may be interested in the Hebrew teaching of Wildbranch ministries with Brad Scott. YHVH is awakening many of His people in these last days. PS I tried to send you an offering through paypal but it kept failing.

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