VIDEO► Jupiter + Venus become Star of Bethlehem 06/30/2015

Are the signs of the times here? God surely has a way to show us His handiwork and speak to us through His glorious creation! On June 30, 2015, a spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter happened beside Regulus; and on a Full Moon. What does this mean? This report will help the viewer come to grasp with the ultimate reality, Jesus is Coming back soon and with a vengeance. Make a way for the King, The King is Coming! Do not miss  this amazing lecture – OUTLOOK 2017 – Alexander Backman – Now Online + Full Edition

Watch Venus and Jupiter become ‘Star of Bethlehem’ tomorrow: Cosmic illusion will make planets appear to merge in night sky • This chance alignment of the two planets is very rare • Some claims similar alignment was responsible for Star of Bethlehem By Jonathan O’Callaghan for MailOnline

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