(JAN 27 2015 CRN NEWS-MEXICO) First part in a series where independent journalist, Alexander Backman, investigates the matter to why there are so many American Homeless men and women traversing the streets of Baja Mexico with no where to go. The answers will astonish you.

Please support our investigation into this serious border problem by pitching in with what you can if you feel led:

Alexander Backman’s Website: (ENGLISH)
Spanish Site:

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2 thoughts on “AMERICAN HOMELESS FLEEING AMERICA – Part 1 in a Series

  1. gitardood says:

    Alex I’m reading a book written by a lawyer in UK who has sources in just about every intelligence community / agency on the planet. He’s travvelled most of the world, there’s been attempts on his life, and guess why? Because he exposes another very evil organization, the DND (Deutsher Verteidigungs Dienst- German Defence Service aka the blackest of the black intel service. He explains how they have penetrated most western gov’ts, and intel agencies, and the list of their “agents” they controlled include Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Ted Heath, Harold Wilson, Antony Eden, William Gladstone, and many more. He outlines how the krauts have used intel agencies for hundreds of years – long before most countries. They assassinated Richard the Lionheart after kidnapping him. He talks about 911, JFK, and much more. Apparently they (DVD) tried to assassinate Maggie Thatcher’s character to prevent her from becoming PM of UK – I think they also tried to assassinate her. The book is called “Spyhunter” by Michael Shrimpton. It’s only available from june press in the UK. I almost forgot, he also lays out how they do all their dirty work, and make it look like someone else is responsible. My one big difference with him, is that so far in the book he’s not tied them in with all the other bad guys, ie Jesuits, Vatican, Illuminati. He does say the illuminati are bad bunch, but I don’t think he’s done enought investigation into Project Blue Beam, MK Ultra, and how it ties in with the “grand plan” of the NWO – but I do thank him for exposing the DVD because apparently not many know of their existence. They were formed from -Hitler’s Abwehr, the SS/Gestapo types, and also R Heydrich’s goons. Otto Skorzeny was heavily involved also.

  2. RezizteNEWS says:

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