I have received yet another code in the form of a Mosaic. Weeks ago I decoded the Ebola Code in a Special news Update for CR NEWS on Youtube. (Watch here- video skips to respective to Ebola code portion at 1:37.00.).

Here is the code for your study and analysis:


And the Pandemic Code


But, last week, it came to me as a song ♫.

I call it The Ebola song.

I Bola
You Bola
We Bola
They Bola
He Bola
She Bola
It Bola


Oh no!!!


So there it is. Ever since I got this silly song in my head, I could not stop thinking about the word FLUBOLA. I could not get it out of my head. This happens to me until I run a code on the words or ‘downloads’ I get.

And then it was just the word FLUBOLA!

I knew today that to get it out of my head and go back to my normal activities, I had to run the FLUBOLA code.

[More on how I receive the codes I get and how I decode them can be read here]

Then came the revelation, like in a vision, just now, I saw being announced, millions dead. the virus spreading and the CDC announcing with Obama  that Ebola is spreading uncontrollably in the USA and the world. Int he vision that I saw, the CDC announces in a press conference that the virus is not just Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), but an airborne and novel strain,  a modified virus similar to Ebola but even more deadly because of something they discover.  The Government points to the fact that this Ebola strain might have mixed and mutated by itself and ‘miraculously’ joined itself with another Pandemic Influenza strain (AH1N1). Because of this, the disease-creation officials now call this new virus FLUBOLA, a chimeric virus that will be remembered as DEATH and whoever gets it is simply disappeared and whisked away to the camps.

Here is the FLUBOLA CODE and its respective and preliminary word matrix.




Whatever happens, I believe this is going to get very nasty in  the next 3.33 years. From here to Sep 22-23 2017 when the heavens align in concordance with Revelation 12:1-4.


The communists are at it again! I got an email from a brother in Canada with a ‘heads up’ on an upcoming December 2014 Ebola or, Aaaachuuu!, FLUBOLA vaccine and that will include a micro RFID chip to track who has had the shot an who has not.

I tracked down the original article and it turns out it comes from a fake news website called NATIONAL REVIEW (read the original post here). This information was then picked up by BEFORE IT’S NEWS and then made viral across the already virulent and infected social platforms.  Albeit, a microchip-vaccine is not out of the question and it could very well be on the Government’s agenda in the future, if not for this winter, maybe the next as the virus continues to mutate and wreak havoc on us.

In any case, when and if a vaccine for FLUBOLA ever comes out, whatever you do, DO NOT GET VACCINATED WITH NEITHER THE INFLUENZA OR EBOLA VACCINE!

Here is what SNOPES.com had to say on this fallacious report.

Origins:   On 17 October 2014, the National Report published an article that mashed up several popular conspiracy theories. According to the site, “CDC whistleblower” Brent Hopskins described a plot by the U.S. government that used the “impending U.S. Ebola pandemic” to embed RFID chips in all Americans via an Ebola vaccine:

During correspondence with National Report, Brent Hopskins is quoted as saying, “I cannot sit idly by as these atrocities unfold. The American government wants to implant RFID chips in every man, woman and child. They are now using the threat of Ebola to push this nefarious plot. The public is forced to make a decision between the horrible demise that Ebola offers, or relinquish every ounce of their privacy by getting an RFID chip implanted under their skin.”

For good measure, the article also invoked the twin specters of Ebola-related imposition of martial law and deliberate population control (not uncommon rumors in times of uncertainty). Soon links and excerpts referencing the Ebola vaccine RFID chip article were being circulated via social media, with many of those who encountered the item mistaking it for a genuine news report.

However, eNational Report is a fak news site known for publishing click-baiting, fabricated stories such as “15 Year Old Who ‘SWATTED’ Gamer Convicted of Domestic Terrorism,” “Solar Panels Drain the Sun’s Energy, Experts Say,” and “Vince Gilligan Announces Breaking Bad Season 6.”

As of 18 October 2014, all treatments for Ebola (including vaccines) were considered “experimental” and not yet approved for broad use.

Can we all go back to our regular dosage of FEAR and PANDEMONIUM by Self-Quarantined Steve Quayle on the Nagmanns and live in despair, or can we just trust that God Almighty has our back and can protect us against this vicious attack against humanity by these ravenous scorpions and wolves that have the 90% population reduction program in full swing?
As a last note, I talked with a very dear friend on the phone today. This colleague of mine is a deep Planet X researcher and she told me that the word FLUBOLA came up ont he word matrixes by Clif High from the Web Bot project. Does that mean that this is a confirmation that this thing is coming? Is this a way that the Holy Spirit is confirming that FLUBOLA is real?  Whatever the case. Time will tell.
Be covered in His Holy Blood always ♥†and thank you for reading.


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2 thoughts on “FLUBOLA CODE

  1. gitardood says:

    nice to see you back at it Alex! sorry you chose to not mention the disclaimers I put in that email to you LOL.
    I took pains to say while it’s possible and may happen it’s rumours at present
    It was more of an attempt for the others who it was sent to, to prod them to wake up a bit, even if was just to check it out like you did. (and also to keep in the back of their head what I said about it ie don’t trust the govt or the CDC , but rather keep a healthy dose of Pauline scepticism ie “prove ALL things …”0

  2. Cinthya Haaz says:

     Achuuu..   fuera de la risa de la cancion..tienes total confirmacion..  tambien hace unosdias yo tambien pense y creo que me confirmo The Holy Spirit..Nadamas falta que Ahora en Diciembre agarren el pretextode la Influencia y la combinen con el EBOLA..  y a todos nosvan a querer vacunar de la Influencia Ebola…  creo que no estabaequivocada y tu rompiste el codigo… AMAZING.. gracias al padre y al Espiritu Santo ya podemos intuir y saberlo que se trama esta gente.. Bendiciones hermano!  Jesus Cristo esta contigo y te acompana..siempre. muy buen blog!! Congratullations… Blessings. Cinthya Haaz   

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