Tu B’Av, Super Moons And War In The Middle East

Excellent follow-up post by Stewart Best. The events are lining up and this Malaysia Airlines thing is part of the same thing I spoke of in my Code back in March 2014. Read more on this link below.


The Malaysia Airlines Code


We have studied the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12:1 that appears to be the marker date for the Feast of Trumpets, September 22nd and 23rd, 2017. Revelation 12 appears to also mark the “midst” of Daniel’s 70th week or the beginning of the great tribulation period. When antichrist goes into the holy and holies and stands where he “ought not”, things begin to break down for world civilization in a big way.


We then come back this way 1260 days to April 11th, also marked out in the heavens by way of Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp, two of the most spectacular comets ever seen by modern civilization. We have been speculating as to what all of this could mean to Christians, as the two comets formed a perfect cross in the heavens directly over Algol, Satan’s star in the heavens.

It seems to be an echo of times past, way…

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One thought on “Tu B’Av, Super Moons And War In The Middle East

  1. Cinthya Haaz says:

    ALEX, GREAT EXPOSE!, you always brings us the perfect point that match everything you expose..
    Jesus Crist bless you brother!

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