• Majority of Hawaii patients already testing 100% positive for Cesium 137

  • Ohio Man tests positive for Cesium and Plutonium poisoning

  • Doctors reporting promising results with Natural Supplement to Mitigate Fukushima Effects

By Alexander Backman for Conciencia Radio®

Original Source: http://alexanderbackman.com/pcr/fukuhsima_killing_americans.htm


CR NEWS – JULY 15,2014– An extremely reliable source whose identity we have decided to keep confidential for the time being just informed us that she spoke with friends in Hawaii on the phone for over an hour and the told the informant that they have lost four family members to cancer just in the past year. They said that two of them were in their early twenties.

The source told me that he spoke with a physician in Hawaii last week and the physician told the source that 100% of his patients are testing positive for Cesium 137.

Ohio Man Test Positive for Radioactive Poisoning after Eating Sardines

Earlier in the year, our source informed us of a similar case of radioactive poisoning of a man living not in Hawaii but here in the CONUS (Continental United States). The man who got sick lives in Columbus Ohio. He started losing weight and feeling sick. He decided to visit the Doctor. The Doctor ran some tests. The tests showed positive for Cesium 137 (Cs) and Plutonium (Pu) accumulating in significant amounts around and inside his organs The Doctor asked him what he had been eating for the past 2 months. After running a list and cross-checking the items of consumption by the affected man, they realized that the only logical source of him getting ill was when he went to Trader Joe’s and bought two sardine cans and ate them.

I called Trader Joe’s in Columbus Ohio and asked about their own brand of sardines. They have for different types on their shelves. After further digging to know which type of sardines might be radioactive I found that depending on the type of Trader Joe sardine, they could come from both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The Trader Joe’s sardines in water are fished off the Pacific coast of Canada. Other ones like the ones in Olive Oil or smoked are either from Portugal or Morocco and therefore come from the Atlantic Ocean.


Thankfully, there is one solution to get rid of the radioactive isotopes being ingested in a safe and natural manner. PCR is a new product specifically designed to get rid of the radioactive elements coming out of Fukushima. PCR is a 100% natural supplement with a special formula developed by Maxam Labs in Oregon and is successfully being used to detox people showing up positive for Cesium, Iodine, Arsenic, Cadmium, Plutonium and many other heavy metals including such as Aluminum and Mercury. In Maryland, doctors have informed the lab about the product’s results.

Even doctors are running test on themselves after showing positive for radioactive elements in their bloodstream. ‘We are just dumping the Plutonium out of our bodies’, said one source. Urine tests practiced on patients consuming the PCR in Maryland show the Plutonium and Cesium being successfully excreted in their urine. PCR is excreted 85% via the feces, 10% via urine and the remaining via sweat and breath.

Another case is of Doctors doing their Residency in Southern California testing the PCR and the results showed the count levels of radioactive elements dropping sharply in a matter of two or three weeks.

A great and effective solution to mitigate the effects of the fallout form Fukushima is available now at an affordable price for anyone that is being affected by the worst nuclear disaster in history.

Go to this address http://alexanderbackman.com/pcr and get your PCR now.

Pray and Spray! Pray and Spray!

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