I received this email from a Christian Pastor this morning. There is an attached video that I dare not post on my website for free viewing. I will share the video only if asked to via email.Int he video, Christians are brought in front of a pit, forced to lay down on their side while three men grab them by their ankles, their wrists and the head. The Boko Haram terrorist that grabs the head stretches it out and pulls it back to show the neck and the jugular vein of each of these Christian Saints. He then invites a soldier or member of the group to step up and hands him a machete. This man then slices open the throat and neck and the Christian is allow to bleed out and then thrown int he pit while still alive. The second Christian man is a pastor (pictured above), dressed in a white robe he suffers the similar Islamic capital punishment under the Shariah. His executioner is a 7 feet behemoth and demonically-infested beast, also dressed in white.
What is going to take? ISLAM is rising and Christians are being hunted down and slaughtered like pigs and thrown in mass graves. This is a medieval and savage DEMONstration of what the enemy is doing on a daily basis and will bring worldwide if they manage to establish their NAZI Caliphate .
This is the email.


Boko Haram members lined up Nigerian citizens and slit their throat one by one.

Please do not place this material online. Circulation should be restricted to matured Christians, please. 


While it is acknowledged that some Muslims have expressed total objection to the activities of Boko Haram, the fact remains that the insurgents by their own admission, insist they are fighting for Islam. The Muslims that they kill, apparently, are those who do not support them.

The fact also stands clear that the leaders of Islam have not done enough to stop Boko Haram. On the contrary, conflicting statements have been emanating from Muslim leaders that make it difficult to place their stand on the insurgency.

Apart from the statement of Bamanga Tukur that Boko Haram is fighting for justice, and the call of the Sultan of Sokoto that they should be given amnesty, the most recent of such statements was made, again, by the Sultan of Sokoto on Sunday 25th May, 2014 at the National Mosque in Abuja. In the presence of the Vice-President, Namadi Sambo, the Sultan mandated the Vice – President to inform the President of Nigeria, that when Muslims are no longer marginalized in Nigeria, insurgency will stop. Now, what is the meaning of that statement? Who is marginalizing Muslims in Nigeria?

The Inspector General of Police     –           Northern Muslim

The National Security Adviser       –           Northern Muslim

The Minister of Defense                 –           Northern Muslim

What else do they want?

There are two Christian groups in Nigeria that are too quiet for comfort. They are Christian Lawyers and Christians in the Media. I think they are too quiet. By now, Christian lawyers should have commenced Class Action against the leaders of Islam in Nigeria on account of the atrocities committed by Islamic insurgents. Lawsuit should be following lawsuit on behalf of the persecuted Christians in the North East and Middle Belt. The Christians in the Media should be vigorously engaging perpetrators of these heinous crimes in the media. Alas, the Christians are too quiet!

Mordecai told Esther, “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; … and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4: 14

This is the time to speak out!


1.        Nigerian Christians are now praying and our leaders have agreed to unite. That is very good. However, what God wants to see primarily, is repentance. Without genuine repentance, our prayers and unity make no meaning to Him. Therefore, let us repent. Not simply confessing sin, but forsaking sin. Let us stop glorifying mammon in Christian assemblies and preach the cross of Jesus. Let our women return to modesty in dressing and let us forsake worldly vanity. Instead of raising millionaires through our sermons, let us raise genuine disciples. Etc.

2.      Three things defile the land and bring curses upon the people: bloodshed, adultery, and idolatry. Those behind the bloodshed in the land are doing it intentionally.
Therefore, let us revoke the curses that are being brought upon Nigeria and pronounce judgment of God upon the sponsors, supporters, sympathizers and participants of Boko Haram and other insurgents. Please let us not curse; simply pronounce judgment. Is. 26: 9-11; 2 Thes. 1: 6; Ps. 11: 6; Ps. 68: 1-3;

3.       At whatever level that we are capable of, please let us call upon President Jonathan to use his authority as the President of Nigeria and clamp down on all known sponsors of Boko Haram. This is no time to play politics. The “President” of Nigeria is not weak; he has authority like Nebuchadnezzar! It is written, “… rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.” Titus 2: 15

4.      Inasmuch as we detest violence, it is time to demand Community Policing so that the affected communities in the North East and Middle Belt can defend themselves according to the law of the land. It is clear that the army has been infiltrated by the insurgents and has been rendered impotent to protect these communities. The arms should be provided by the government and entrusted to the village heads. Hopefully, when this crisis is over, they would render account to the government. We can no longer leave our people as sheep for the slaughter, as shown in the video. (I am sending again, below, the cry of community leaders from Gwoza and Chibok. You may understand my demand for Community Policing.)

5.      The President must implement a full State of Emergency by removing the governors of the affected states and replacing them with military administrators. The governors are incapable of protecting the lives of the citizens. (This recommendation does not conflict with the claim above that the military has been infiltrated. The Military Administrator should not come from the far North.)

6.      Let Nigerians be of one mind that the sponsors of these evils shall not be rewarded. There is something that they want and they have resorted to this terror tactic to get it. Whatever it is that they want, it must not be given to them. If they get it, they are being rewarded for the evil that they have done. Tomorrow, if they want something again, they will resort to terrorizing other citizens. Let an embargo be placed upon them that for the next 50 year;, they shall never get what they want. If we decree it, it shall stand.

Please find below the article from the Christian leaders in the North East: I want to challenge us to COUNT the number of communities that have been sacked. You will be shocked. Ethnic cleansing is going on!!!

Carried in Guardian Newspaper of Wednesday 11th June, 2014

·         Boko Haram-led pogroms, ethnic cleansing and medieval bestiality in Nigeria’s North East

Boko Haram-led pogroms, ethnic cleansing and medieval bestiality in Nigeria’s North East

A statement by some concerned leaders of ethnic nationalities of Borno South Senatorial District

AGAINST the background of denials by high-ranking functionaries of the Muslim establishment in Nigeria that the Boko Haram insurgency is not a Muslim agenda, we owe it to ourselves and the world to set the record straight. In 2012, in a widely publicized video recording that is easily accessible on the internet, Abubakar Shekau, the late erstwhile leader of Boko Haram announced the mission statement of his sect. Among other things, he said “this war is not political. It is religious. It is between Muslims and unbelievers (arna). It will stop when Islamic religion is the determinant in governance in Nigeria or, in the alternative, when all fighters are annihilated and no one is left to continue the fight. I warn all Muslims at this juncture that any Muslim who assists an unbeliever in this war should consider himself dead.”

This mission statement explains why Muslim communities have been viciously attacked for having within them persons who served as informants to the authorities. While we appreciate the concern of well-meaning persons in Nigeria   and world-wide over the fate of more than three hundred female students abducted from Government Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State, by the Boko Haram sect we want to draw the attention of the world to the fact that the abduction saga has become a distraction that has left our communities to free-pillaging and rampaging by Boko Haram.

These are the facts that happened in the past four weeks:

In Ataggara, Southern Senatorial Zone of Borno State, Boko Haram attacked and were repelled by the community. Community leaders went to Pulka, where a military formation exists, to report the attack and were assured that a unit would be drafted to the town to protect the people. The following day some people appeared in Nigeria Army issue in nine armoured personnel carriers bearing the colours and insignia of the Nigerian Army. They announced to the villagers that they had come to assess the security situation. When the people gathered to hear them, the men that came in armoured personnel carriers, and in Army uniform, opened fire and killed over two hundred and fifty men, women and children. Those who were able to take to their heels were pursued by the marauders into the bush and when they were caught up with, were either butchered with knives or shot to death. The survivors have taken refuge in Cameroun, or in friendly communities;

In Bokko Wizhe, four people died when Boko Haram terrorists opened fire indiscriminately in the predominantly Christian community. About two thousand survivors have fled to Cameroun and neighbouring states;

In Bokko Timta, about 1,500 Christians had to flee to Cameroun and other states in Nigeria after Boko Haram attacked their community;

In Kugyly, about 2,500 fled the village to Cameroun and other states in Nigeria after they were visited by Boko Haram;

In Ngoshe, 46 persons were killed by Boko Haram and more than 3,000 had to flee to Cameroun and other states in Nigeria. None of the houses and churches in the community escaped being torched;

In Gava, 26 persons were killed by Boko Haram. About 2,000 people fled to Cameroun and other states in Nigeria. All the houses and churches were burnt down;

In Amuda, 17 persons were murdered by Boko Haram and more than four thousand people fled to other places. The Village Head is, at present taking refuge in Nasarawa State;

In Halaghwa after an undetermined number of persons were killed by Boko Haram, about 500 persons from the community fled to Cameroun and another 2,000 fled to other states in Nigeria;

In Agapalawa, 15 persons were killed by Boko Haram and more than 4,000 had to flee to Cameroun;

In Ganjara, 46 persons were killed by Boko Haram and more than 2,500 fled to Cameroun;

In Jibrili, an undetermined number of people were killed by Boko Haram and Christian houses and churches burnt to the ground. The remnant of the people have fled to Cameroun;

In Zamgba, Boko Haram attacked and killed 13 people, and about 1,700 were forced to flee to Cameroun;

In Ashigashita, Boko Haram attacked and killed 10 people. The remnant of the community fled to Cameroun;

In Vale, Christians were completely chased out. Their belongings were looted by Boko Haram and their sympathizers;

In Kwadale, an undetermined number of persons were killed by Boko Haram and about 2,000 fled to Cameroun;

In Pulka, 30 persons were killed by Boko Haram, including the Village Head Mallam Ali Pulka. Many members of the community have fled to Cameroun leaving about 4,500;

In Kirawa, all the Christians fled to Cameroun after the village was taken over by Boko Haram;

In Chinene, Boko Haram killed 14 persons, more than 500 fled to Cameroun, about 1,000 fled to other states in Nigeria, while about 1,000 are still in the mountains as all motorable roads have been blocked by the sect;

In Arboko, more than 10 persons were killed by Boko Haram, all houses and churches razed to the ground, and about 2,000 have fled to Cameroun;

In Chikide, 2 persons were killed by Boko Haram, and about 1,500 have fled to Cameroun and other states in Nigeria;

In Barawa, more than 20 persons were killed by Boko Haram, and the community’s houses and churches burnt down. Survivors have fled to Cameroun, other states and the hills;

In Pege, Boko Haram killed five persons by Boko Haram, and about 1,000 members of the community have fled to Cameroun and other states in Nigeria;

In Kaghum, Boko Haram killed more than 20 persons by Boko Haram, and more than 3,000 members of the community have been forced to flee to Cameroun, other states in Nigeria and the hills;

In Angurva, an undetermined number of persons were killed by Boko Haram, and some 4,000 persons have fled to Cameroun;

In Baladigavuraza, Boko Haram killed 3 persons, about 2,000 persons fled to Cameroun and another 500 fled to other states in Nigeria;

In Kunde, some 7 persons were killed and the community’s houses and churches burnt. About 2,500 fled to Cameroun and the hills;

In the past fourteen days the following communities in Damboa Local Government area have been over-run by Boko Haram: Kwapchi; Shawa; Daku; Kwamjilari; Blakat 1; Blakat 2; Blakat 3; Mulgwe 1; Mulgwe 2; Mulgwe 3; Katsalabulari; Kulali 1; Kulali 2; Kuburuvhu; Kautivha; Izghe 1; Izghe 2; Izghe 3; Kaya 1; Kaya 2; Konchi;

Mbulakuduga (Alagamo) in Askira Uba Local Government Area was over-run within the same time frame;

Takulashi of Chibok Local Government Area was also over-run in the past few days.

In all the communities it has over-run, Boko Haram has removed the Nigerian national flag and hoisted its own flag, the flag of jihad.

We want to place on record that all the communities mentioned above are predominantly Christian. Why are we being attacked now? The answer lies in the result of the 2011 Presidential Election. It is on record that the Middle Belt, which the Southern Borno State Senatorial Zone is a bona fide  part of, voted massively for President Goodluck Jonathan; a fact that enabled the sitting President to succeed at the polls in 2011. Going towards 2015, Boko Haram, on behalf of the oligarchic North, wants to decimate and displace our communities so that we would be less of a factor. Why is President Jonathan not instructing the military ro protect our communities? We are aware that the the Nigerian military is a deeply divided fighting force.

As the Ataggara case above illustrates, when some Muslim commanding officers and others receive reports from our communities, they pass such reports to Boko Haram who come in Nigerian Army issue uniforms to perpetrate pogroms in our communities.

Boko Haram has many atrociously wealthy sponsors on account of the fact that successive governments in Nigeria have always patronized Muslims to our exclusion. It is primitive capital that those Muslims have accumulated from the Nigerian state that they are deploying to decimate our populations. Our most profound prayer to President Jonathan, which we want other Nigerians and the international community to pressurize him to accede to, is that he should arm our communities. if we have access to arms and ammunition like Boko Haram, we would have a sporting chance of defending our lives, dependants and property. We would not run away from Boko Haram. Our President should please do this in good time before it is too late. We have a right to live in peace in our communities and to vote our choice without any fear, however we choose to do so in electoral contests in our country. That is an irreducible minimum for every citizen.

As communities in the defunct Northern Region we are not unaware of the inspiration of Boko Haram and their sponsors. It is no news that the average Northern Muslim thinks that Nigeria is his to dominate, and its riches his to dispense. In October 1960, the late Premier of the defunct Northern Region and Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, had declared:

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future.” (Parrot Newspaper, 12th Oct. 1960; republished on November 13, 2002, by the Tribune Newspaper, Ibadan.);

Before the late Sardauna made this very revealing statement, the Conference of Northern Chiefs, in response to a letter from the UK-based West African Students’ Union (WASU) to the Northern emirs asking them to support the constitutional evolution of Nigeria into an independent nation, had declared “holding this country together is not possible except by means of the religion of the Prophet. If they want political unity let them follow our religion.” (Obafemi Awolowo, Path to Nigerian Freedom, London: Faber and Faber, 1947, p.51.);

We recall that the Fulani Jihad failed woefully to Islamize our people in the 19th Century. We also recall that the Kanuri, who had been practising Islam for more than eight centuries before the Fulani Jihad, could not Islamize our people. Boko Haram seeks to succeed where their more illustrious ancestors failed.

If the Federal Government of Nigeria would not arm our communities to defend ourselves, the least it can do is not to stand in the way of other Nigerians and members of the international community who are so inclined to help arm our communities. Boko Haram, as its mission statement as espoused by the late Abubakar Shekau states, the only time it would be mollified is “….when Islamic religion is the determinant in governance in Nigeria or, in the alternative, when all fighters are annihilated and no one is left to continue the fight.”

Our people refuse to be forcibly Islamized. We, also, insist on making our own free choices. It is our belief that it is only on the basis of mutual respect that nations can be built. We would like to contribute our quota to building the Nigerian Federation into a nation and call on others to follow our peaceful path. But if the forces of evil insist on pursuing their present murderous course, our people will be forced to respond in kind and to meet force with force. The present path of violence by Boko Haram can only lead to destruction, Boko Haram’s destruction as well as others.

We thank you for giving us an ear.

Dr. Pogu Bitrus (of Chibok),                            

Rev. Ibrahim Dauwa (of Gwoza) and

Rev. James Yaga, JP (of Gwoza)

Isaiah D.Lawon
International Director,
Fullstature Missions International,
P.O.Box29929, Secretariat P.O,
4 Parliament Highway,
Secretariat Ibadan,
Oyo State.


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  1. Amy Surface says:

    This MUST be stopped! 😥

    • Yes. The UN MUST INTERVENE NOW!!!! These Christians must be repatriated and all Muslims, radical or not, should be relocated if they do not assimilate to our ways of life. We must speak out loudly. We must make phone calls here people!!! Call your Congressmen and Congresswomen, Senators, The United Nations.

  2. Kip says:

    I don’t understand how this is Obama’s fault.

    • Not Obama necessarily. But since he is aligned with Radical Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood, and he controls the biggest military int he world, it would stand to reason that he would at least be pressured to form a multinational force to at least rescue the remaining Christians in Nigeria and take them to a Safe Haven. Also, The United Nations is at fault… For that matter, allowing Radical Islamist to do their will and kill Christians in this manner is a show of force that requires us as Christians to rise and start to organize for the battles that lay ahead when these elements hit us here in the West. It is only a matter of time.

  3. carissamaria says:

    It’s heartbreaking…All the hate and the violence…Hell on Earth! I’m absolutely horrified by what i saw and we can’t just walk away, we can’t close our eyes in the name of tolerance or moderation. My prayers are with the martyrs and the population from there…
    Thank you for sharing the video (and also for a well written article), it was hard to watch but i couldn’t ignore…

    • Thank you sister in Christ! It was hard for me to watch but we have to muster up the courage to confront this evil head on! The Spirit of ANTICHRIST is operating here and we must pray directly against it! This PDF by Derek Prince will help us understand this force we are contending with. Download PDF>

      I would like to quote from it and share with you Carissa and everyone who is reading:

      “One Specific Example
      Now I want to look at a historical—yet somewhat controversial—example of the spirit of antichrist. I have
      certainly no desire to offend anybody or attack other religions. What I want to do is present the truth.
      A main manifestation of the spirit of antichrist is Islam, the religion of Mohammed. In light of the events of
      September 11, 2001, in America, I believe it is very important for Christians to be well-informed about Islam.
      Mohammed arose in the 7th century in the Arabian peninsula, claimed to be a prophet, and claimed to
      receive from an archangel the revelation of the religion which became Islam. He also claimed that Islam was
      the true fulfillment of the Old and the New Testament. He claimed that the Christians and the Gospels had
      perverted the real truth, but he was restoring it. That is the basic claim of Mohammed. He first believed that
      because he rejected idolatry and because he rejected the claims of Christianity, the Jewish people would
      follow him. And when they did not follow him, he turned against them—and became a persecutor of them.
      It is a tragedy that many Christians in the West have so misunderstood and underestimated Islam. In
      Moslem countries throughout the centuries, Christians and Jews have been given the title dimmy which
      means second-class people. While it is true that Islam has not been guilty of anything so terrible as the
      Holocaust, it has a long record of 13 centuries of suppression and contempt for Christianity and Judaism.
      Islam bears most of the marks of the spirit of antichrist. It started in association with the Old and New
      Testament. It claimed to be the outworking of that revelation of God. But it denies certain basic fundamentals of
      the Christian faith, like the atoning death of Jesus on the cross. Mohammed taught that Jesus did not die, but that an
      angel came and spirited Him away before He died. Because there is no death, there is no atonement, and because
      there is no atonement, there is no forgiveness. And no Moslem has the assurance of sins forgiven at any time.
      Second, Islam absolutely denies that Jesus is the Son of God. You can talk to the Moslems about Jesus as a
      prophet, and they will give you careful attention. In fact, the Koran acknowledges Jesus as a prophet—even as a
      Savior, even as a Messiah.”

      I am thinking of doing A VIDEO on this matter.

      • carissamaria says:

        I’m learning so much from your writings…thank you! It’s like opening my eyes…
        Be blessed for the Light you’re spreading around you!

  4. Gary says:

    This is actually false. The culprits there are the Nigerian military slaughtering suspected Boko Haram members/sympathisers. Boko Harm kills Christians but they have killed several Muslims as well as they attack Mosques and Churches.

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