A special question directed to professor Truth by Alexander Backman at VIVACRISTOJESUS.com on the word ISH in the Bible and its relation to the Serpent Seed doctrine. Is CAIN (an ish in Hebrew), the son of EVE (an ishshah in Hebrew), the literal offspring of the SERPENT?
Alexander opened at random page 264 of His Fascinating Bible Facts book and in a ver clear paragraph it states the following:


Just as in English, the Hebrew words for woman and man are related to each other. Adam and Eve “woman” (Hebrew Ishshah) because she was taken out of man (Hebrew ish) -Genesis 2.23″

Mentioned Verses: Genesis 1.28-29, Genesis 2:23 and 4:1

Response by Professor Truth®

——— Original Message ———Subject: Re: WOMANI ISH A VIDEO FOR PROFESSOR TRUTH
From:   <T*****wChrist@m*****n.com>
Date: 5/7/14 9:45 pm
To: abba@alexanderbackman.com

Alexander -,please forward my comments to your excellent inquiry…
Alexander – Gen 1.26 man should be “ISH” = beast…   in Gen 1.27 man is “Ha Adam” or more correctly “Ha ADM”…  Breath of God into Blood DAM – ADM.  Yes there were preadamic ISH (male and female – other races)….   and GAP – G1.27 a NEW CREATION with the Neshema of God and Soul of God – – These walked in the Garden (Dimensional location).  Later the Fall and now we have two seeds/species at enmity on the planet.  Alexander – I contend you missed the GAP between G1.26/27.

As for G4.1, there is a semicolon…  another GAP…I could go on…  Yes the G4.1 ISH is the beast “CAIN”.   The key is G1.27.  The Woman may have been an Ish – since the Mitochondrial DNA carries the Fal in ALL, but the blood ADM from Adam establishes the Seed of Jesus Christ.

Yes Eve was taken out of ISH! – good point! That is why Mitochondrial DNA is in all of of – the beast – Flesh Fall!;  
You bring up great issues Alexander – but the evidence stands…  I have never taught Eve being an ISH.  I take exception – CAIN was the devils child by BLOOD…but you are correct WE ALL have the female mitochodrial ISH Flesh in us…..  Only some of us have the BLOOD of Adam… the other species have the BLOOD of lucifer (Beast)/(Reptilian).
Interesting – tonight on Alex Jones – Jordan Maxwell identified Gen 1.26 as ISH – many DSP’s have attacked me on this.   Read again GENESIS DISCLOSED
The Professor

Lanya Replies to Professor Truth

Professor Truth…. no,  I disagree with AB.  Genesis 22 Eve was made from Adams rib. 23 and now you are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.  Did Adam have the male and female mitochondria in the beginning. ? Estrogen and testosterone hormones are present in BOTH male and female. Did God take the mitochondria of female from Adam, and give it specifically to Eve ?  So Eve could pass down this DNA through the first line of childbirth? so she was deliberately created biologically different, but similar.  To call women ISH, is just so bloody Roman Catholic, most of those poofters hated us…. look at the Catholic church slaughter, 30 – 50 000 women between 14 – 18th Century.  And  .. to get pushed out from the Holy Trinity … Father Son and Holy Ghost… anyone with half a brain knows the Trinity, is THE FAMILY UNIT, Father, Son AND Mother !
 I find RC teachings to be insulting at times !
  If we were expelled from Heaven for rebellion, we took the form God wanted us to have, that form which came as Lord Jesus Christ, God incarnate.       Lanya
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