I got this email by a sister in Christ today in my inbox. I saw it stand out like a sore thumb on a white linen sheet. It was clear as day. The subliminal header designed by the American-Israeli controlled establishment in Washington D.C. Here it is…

How more Satanic can you get. Even worse is that they are sponosring in the email a PROISRAEL SUMMIT with Antiheterosexual apologist John Hagee. Here is the rest of the email I got:

Today is Israel’s 66th Independence Day.

On this day, we celebrate the miracle that is Israel, which exists and flourishes against all odds.  
We celebrate Israel’s democracy, in which all citizens enjoy full civil rights regardless of their faith or ethnicity.  Arab citizens of Israel serve as members of Israel’s Parliament, judges on Israel’s courts (including the Supreme Court), diplomats in Israel’s Foreign Service and officers in Israel’s armed forces.

We celebrate that all of Israel’s citizens enjoy full freedom of religion. The freest Christians and Muslims in the Middle East are the Christian and Muslim citizens of the Jewish state of Israel.

While Christians throughout the Arab world are being bombed, shot and decapitated, the Christian population of Israel can worship in complete safety.  While Christian populations throughout the Arab world are plummeting, the Christian population of Israel is steadily growing.

We celebrate that Israel is on the forefront of developing technology that improves our lives and our world.  It is simply incredible that in 66 short years Israelis have won 12 Noble Prizes.

We celebrate that Israel is living Isaiah 49:6 by being a “light unto the nations” as a first responder to natural catastrophes and human suffering around the world.

As we celebrate Israel, let us pray that she will continue to survive and thrive.  And let us dedicate ourselves to action in support of our prayers. 

2014 summit email banner

If there were ever a time when Israel's friends needed to speak out and be heard, that time is now! Register Today

Nice obelisk on the bottom. Satan-phallus worshippers!

Right off the bat, on the header of this email sent out by Christians United for Israel, you can see that the Star of MOLOCH, which is not of David by any means if you do the research. This hexagram is in itself encoded on the back of the US soon to be worthless $1 bill at least three times. Doc Marquis, a known Illuminsit turned-Christian explains it well here. To get to the point, this star is a number 6 and the obvious positioning of the numbers 66 to its right is more than clear for the trained observer.

I ask these Christians United for Israel who they really think the Israel of the Bible is? I recommend the watch this tremendous sermon and teaching on the matter and get their premises straight. Otherwise, they are all selling their birthright in my opinion.

So… I sent the email out pointing this fact out and said the following:

Do you see the 666 in the image below.


And I get this response from B. I know she means well but I also went on my usual rant as it befuddles me that most of Christianity does not see what that Israel in the Middles East has done since it usurped the land of Palestine for political, economical and social control as well the establishing its headquarters for world domination. Here is part of that email:

Alexander.  I have thought about this quite a bit and this is my conclusion.  I avoid the topic but I have to be honest and I  wonder

If people are opening themselves up to attack by the enemy by attacking what God has blessed.  We cannot in practice do a DNA on every person who claims to be a Jew.  We have to let God determine that.  Until He does I am leaving the topic alone.  I do not condone bad behavior by anyone but as I have told you I deal with people as individuals and hate sweeping generalities.  That is what Hitler did.  I do not want to be found at odds with God for any reason.  This blessing refers to the Nation as well as the man.
To a land that I will show you.
I will make you a great nation;
I will bless you
And make your name great;
And you shall be a blessing.
I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”


If a person is truly saved and has been taught some form of replacement theology or has an anti-Israel bias from some other source, God will forgive this even though it grieves His Spirit to have one of His children feel this way. I’m not saying that believers have to blindly go along with whatever the Government of Israel does. The Bible said that Israel would be re-gathered in unbelief and we know its government is secular and has yet to acknowledge God’s hand upon them. That will soon change.

But in the meantime Bible believing Christians should understand that God’s gift of the promised land to Israel is “an everlasting possession” (Genesis 17:8). We should know that He promised them He would bring them back into the Land in the latter days, (Isaiah 11:11) and that selling it or giving it away is prohibited. (Leviticus 25:23) So on that issue there should be no doubt.

Aside from the fact that it hasn’t worked, efforts to try and achieve peace by giving His land away are contrary to His will and put those encouraging or supporting it in opposition to Him. It goes without saying that a believer should not support something that is in opposition to God’s will. It’s a losing strategy. Will it endanger their salvation? No, but it does grieve the Holy Spirit, something we’re advised to avoid. (Ephes. 4:30)

And here is my response to her and you can quote me on that by using the banner below:

Thanks for the kind rebuke B.
I know… But nonetheless, as you say, Israel has been blessed. My quarrel is with the fact that 96% of the so-called Jews are not even of the region today known as ISRAEL.  Why would they, who have usurped a title that is based on genetics alone (the seed), have the right to commit genocide against the Palestinian people?
Science is clear and cut, they are not from Israel at all. It is like saying that the Mexican people have a right, based on their heritage to take over Spain or France for that matter. Do you see what I am getting at here?
On the prophetic side, yes I agree it is written that this would happen and it is happening. So many incredible prophecies are being fulfilled right now with regard to Israel that it even stumps me sometimes on why The Lord keeps blessing them as it is written. Blessing them int he sense that they can get away with murder, rape, pillage and plunder.
The Daniel Project DVD leaves no room for questions on part of the skeptics with respect to prophecies being fulfilled. Am I wrong then in believing that Christians are the true Israel and am I to follow John Hagee, a Homosexual acceptor and supporter of Israel?
In one week we also remember the mass killings in Sabra and Shatila Lebanon conducted by the usurping Israelis and radical Christian Phalangists hired as mercenaries  in 1982.
“War Crimes are the most atrocious things ever conceived. They are beyond the realm of justice and self-defense. War Crimes in all their forms are acts of terror, hence their perpetrators are they themselves terrorists. Whoever does not condone these policies of institutionalized murder are either pathological liars, deluded, apathetic or psychopaths in themselves. Jewish supremacism is a form of state-sponsored terrorism too. On this day, are we to celebrate the creation of a State of terror that is Satanic to its core and is without excuse as to its actions and defiance to The true Lord of Israel who is Jesus Christ? Shame on those who still support this criminal genocidal lunacy. I invite them to live in Gaza for a week or see what it is to live in the streets of Hebron.”-Alexander Backman, May 6 2014  (Anniversary 66 of Jewish-led occupation and terrorization of the world under Zionist-Illuminism )


Now I invite you to take the time to diligently watch the documentary ISRAHELL ON EARTH and WHO IS REAL ISRAEL? embedded below.

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WARNING: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency (NSA) may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse, nor protection. If anyone other than the addressee of this e-mail is reading it, you are in violation of the 1st & 4th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America.
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One thought on “HAPPY 66 ISRAHELL! WHAT THE @#!*% ?

  1. Cinthya says:

    Very Good blog of truth! lol, that’s The same words that I said when I saw this email “what a hell”? Before sent you.

    Your sister in Jesus Christ

    Cinthya Haaz

    Sent from my iPhone


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