What the Double FF are you EFFING doing Mr. DUFF?

I know there are a lot of double EFFs in the world. 9/11 was a double F or False Flag operation and Coup de Grace against the US conducted from within and led by Zionist-Devil-sponsored Edomites.
But the Malaysia double F theories being promoted all around by Jim STONE and Iranian media-sponsored Veteran’s Today editor in Chief Gordon DUFF makes one think what the good ol’ media counter spy psy ops boys are really doing?
Following rabbit holes that lead to far-fetched non existent false flags is a bit of a stretch. There is another double F *FF* for you Mr. Stone and Mr. DUFF.  FAR+FETCHED FALSE FLAGS don-t FLY FAR.
So, the question of the year to you Mr. DUFF is…
DO U FALSE FLAG everything you do Mr. DUFF?
Why else would your last name be D.U.F.F. ? As in FALSE FLAG… FAR-FETCHED…FLAMBOYANT-FAIL… FREEDOM-FIGHTER… Right Mr. DUFF?
Remember… one man’s FREEDOM FIGHTER is another man’s TERRORIST. I learned that in my CT studies. But Christopher Greene… the YOUTUBE FREEDOM FIGHTER thinks differently in this video.
Rubba DUFF DUFF in the TUFF.
Alex Jones… eat your heart out on this one. I can see him savoring the moment of pouncing on this FF this Friday at Five Fourteen.◘
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  1. Cinthya says:

    This is Incredible great Info!!


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jennifer says:

    I just found your site. Amen and Praise Jesus! I read the King James Bible and Luke 10:19-24 is my favorite and most personal quote from the bible. God’s word is our only protection just as in the days of Noah. It would be nice if the Lord could somehow bring all of us together during thie horrible time of wrath, to survive together when we do not have internet, phone, or any means of communication. I pray he leads all of us to find one another for protection and strength during this time.

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