By Alexander Backman | Featured on Before It’s News

(CR NEWS- MARCH 17, 2014)—Reports now confirm that the MALAYSIA AIRLINES code and NEWARK code published by Alexander Backman are part of a terror plot in motion by Islamic States against the United States, Israel or even Ukraine.

Two reports by Pamela Geller published on march 16 suggest that Iran is behind the hijacking of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 out of Kuala Lumpur that went missing on March 8th. The first report quotes various security specialists on what could have transpired.

Now US Intelligence echoes my initial assessment in this recent video here where I mentions that the Malaysia Airlines plane could be used as a 9/11 weapon.  The even go on the mention that it could be used as a ‘cruise missile’.  I might add, nuclear weapon or ElectroMagnetic Pulse Weapon on board.

When asked, Alexander Backman said , “In my latest video, if it is not censored AGAIN!!!, I explain how the Malaysia Code and Newark Code I ‘downloaded’ reveal important information with regard to which nations are involved with the theft of the plane, their purpose, and just as the word matrix from the code confirms, the involvement of Iran, Syria and Yakarta are clear and non-ambiguous. Also in the code appear nation states that could be affected by a 9/11 type of attack. For example, ‘Yerusalem’ and the ‘USA’ as well as Israel and Ukraine appear in the code. Also Russia appears in the code. Another city that appears in the code deciphered by Alexander Backman are key words like ‘nuke, nuclear, strike, attack’ and so on. These occurrences are not random at all. These events that are transpiring are real. And the code that I got on the MALAYSIA AIRLINES word matrix and THE NEWARK word matrix are huge in understanding the foretelling of events such as these. I cover this in detail in my first video about the dream/vision I got in December 2013 about a NUCLEAR ATTACK AGAINST NEW YORK CITY THAT OBLITERATES NEWARK LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AND KILLING 32,000 PEOPLE. Also the fact that Megyn Kelly from Fox News mentioned that Flight 370 was going to fly to Newark was what really got me thinking. I said to myself… ‘The vision is coming true!!!”


One specialist, Michael McCaul, chairman of America’s House Homeland Security Committee, told Fox News Sunday the following in the report echoed by Pamela Geller focus on the pilot:

“One thing we do know, this was not an accident.”

 He went on to say:

“It was an intentional, deliberate act, to bring down this airplane. And the question is who is behind that.”

Speaking on the possible countries where the craft could have been landed, he mentioned:

“The other one is it landed in a country like Indonesia, where it could be used later on as a cruise missile, as the 9/11 hijackers did.”

In the Malaysia Code Matrix by Alexander Backman, the capital city of Indonesia appears. Alexander says, ‘if ‘YAKARTA’ appears in the code then it has something to do with it. Also it cannot be a coincidence that IRAN appears three times in cluster format along with Syria in the code and right beside are ISRAEL and YERUSALEM and USA.’

The Newark Code by Aexander Backman

The word matrix. to the corresponding code.

The Malaysia Airlines Code

The word matrix. to the corresponding code.

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