THE IRAN SOLUTION: A Special Interview with Reza Kahlili® FEB 9 2013– I had the blessing and honor of interviewing Mr. Reza Kahlili on this Sabbath. His voice is a chime for hope for the people of Iran and the world. He speaks in TRUTH about the grave situation with regard of the fringe Theocracy that has Persia sequestered. Sadly, the US Administration is allowing the notion of Iran becoming a nuclear threat to the West to play itself out.

The nuclear clock is ticking and as it is said in the Army Ranger battalions ‘Ricky Tick’ or soon we will all live the lamentable consequences of our ignorance and self-denial.

Please visit Mr. Kahlili’s website and read his amazing testimony and unique insight into the Iranian Republican Guard and the current objectives of the regime in his best-selling book –A Time to Betray- at

Stream the interview: Download MP3

Other important and highly-relevant updates with Reza Kahlili by Alexander Backman can be accessed here:


April 27 2013- Counter-terrorism expert, Reza Khalili, accepted an interview with Alexander Backman where he gave Conciencia Radio his input into the Boston Bombings and how Iran could be related to the attacks. Khalili explained the type of bombs used, how the Tsarnaev brothers were really used as pawns or ‘burned assets’ and that these attacks were planned well in advance. The interview sheds light into the aim and scope that proxy state-sponsored terrorism has on America and the West.

Download Zip file with MP3 of the interview here.

Watch on Youtube here.

In Mexico, Islam is also invading us slowly. We see Muslims selling their trinkets outside the Walmarts with religious music in the background. Also, we have Hamas and Hezbollah operating on the border as well as Al Qaeda having a Base of Operations in the Sonora Desert north of San Carlos in Northern Mexico. They jump the border into the US passing as Mexican illegals, Other Than Mexicans (OTMs), and are preparing for Mumbai-style attacks, bombings and smuggling of weapons and explosives into the US, including nuclear devices, dirty bombs or Radiological Dispertion Devices (RDDs).

The Mexican-Lebanese multi-billionaire, media and telecommunications mogul, Carlos Slim Helú, is still under investigation for financing Hezbollah and Hamas. I will be writing on this in the future.

You may contact me with any information or TIPS to concienciaradio @


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